The Cons and Pros of Evening Workouts


A lot of people work out at night since most have a nine-to-five job. Find out the pros and cons of getting your nightly exercise below.


  1. You have longer time to spend for exercising and working out. You do not need to worry about rushing to go to work or school.
  2. Your body will be prepared for intensive workouts and you will have lesser chances of getting injured. The activities that you did during the day will make your synovial fluids lubricate your joints and your muscles stretched.
  3. The things you ate during the day will serve as your workout fuel. Also, your body will burn more fat than muscle — unlike working out during mornings, which pushes your body to be indiscriminate in which source of energy to use.
  4. Your hormone levels and body temperature will be at their peak during early evenings, which can help you work out and burn more.
  5. The night gymworkout will help you in controlling the amount of food you will eat during dinner or after dinner.
  6. There are fewer distractions during the night. Since you’re off work, you won’t be worrying about office-related stuff. You can be more focused on your training.
  7. You can perform more intense workouts since your body will think that you are not doing so much. Your body will act that way because of the fact that humans have lower perceived exertion during the night.
  8. Working out at night will help you alleviate the accumulated stress you got from work or school.
  9. Spending the remaining energy you have will exhaust your body, which will make you sleep longer and better.
  10. Your lungs function better at night than in the afternoon — and this is advantageous for those who want to do aerobic exercises since their lungs will take in more oxygen.
  11. It is easier to maintain an evening exercise routine since you do not need to wake up early or force yourself to go to the gym before work or school.
  12. Exercising during mornings gives you higher chances of having a heart attack. You do not need to worry about that when working during the night.


night fun run

  1. Sudden nights-out with the guys or girls will disrupt your routine. If you do not want your workout schedule to be disturbed instead, say goodbye to your nightlife. However, you can invite your friends to work out with you to reduce the number of people who will invite you to go out.
  2. Spending energy will make your body temperature rise. Exercising or working out in the evening will keep you awake longer since your body needs to cool down. The human body needs to reach lower temperatures to relax and sleep.
  3. Exercising outside during the night can be dangerous depending on where you live.
  4. You do not get the advantage of longer “afterburn” since your body’s metabolism will drop quickly once you sleep.
  5. Your activities during the day may exhaust you before you hit the gym, which may encourage you to flake from your routine.
  6. If your workout routine involves going to the gym, you might get annoyed at the number of people working out there. Most probably, these people are also employees who have nine-to-five jobs like you.

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