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This is the official blog of CashCashPinoy, it’s goal is to educate people to be more practical and it will also serves as a channel of which you can see our social media activities (reflected at our widgets). If you have any suggestion on how can I improve the blog feel free to contact me at gilbert [dot] bermudez [at] cashcashpinoy [dot] com.

About CashCashPinoy

Founded in September 2010, CashCashPinoy pioneered the private online shopping club in the Philippines ahead of both international and local players and now has over 120 employees. The company offers its 1.5 million members the most sought after designer brand accessories, beauty, home décor products, but also travel and unique activities at up to 80% off retail. Offers are proposed in the context of a maximum of 10 days, first come, first served, limited quantity events.  Members can expect up to 20 new events each day.


26 thoughts on “About our Blog

  1. ayusin nyo naman customer service niyo… ilang beses po ako nag follow tru support team..but til now no feedback..i received the other items last june 9,, but it was lacking… no information,, why its lacking

    1. Hi Greselda,

      First off, I’m sorry for the late reply because I was not regularly hooping into the corporate blog. And thank you for dropping a message here in our blog, I will send you an e-mail to get the necessary information about your situation and to help solve your inquiry.

      Gilbert Bermudez

    2. Hi Greselda & all the others who have complaints against Cashcashpinoy, let’s all pull our complaints together & file this with DTI. So we can all together help CCP close shop. Their service sucks! Try calling the number & you’d believe in forever. Both numbers take all eternity before it gets answered. Better patronize METRODEAL. There’s the BEST group buying company. CCP is way below & behind them. CCP do us all a favor & fold up! Let’s pull our efforts together to file a case against CCP.

  2. Hi Blog Administrator,

    I’m writing to follow up on my complaint to your company re: the COUNTERFEIT/FAKE CLARISONIC ARIA that I bought from your company very recently (July 18). Apparently, I was victimized by your company and was lured to believe that the items you’re selling are authentic but in fact, it’s not. I’ve been consistently following up through e-mails (you have no contact numbers which we can call) but no one is replying anymore. This is very alarming. It’s like you’re really avoiding to receive inquiries/complaints/feedback from people, even deleting the negative comments or feedback from previous buyers. Why is that? Have you heard of proper and quality customer service?

    Fyi, I also sent photos of the item including the Delivery Receipt. I also messaged your FB accoubt but no one replied to me. Irish replied last week but now, nothing. I’m trying to do this the right and civil way. Pasalamat kayo at hindi pa ko nagrereklamo sa social media sites. I want my money back – the full P3,999.00 that I paid in cold cash. Nothing more, nothing less. Give us what we deserve for our hard-earned money. I do not want anymore of your credits and other items of the same value. This is obviously an unfair marketing and sales strategy that affect consumers greatly. I you advertise that your items are authentic, it should be that.

    I demand for your prompt attention and action on this matter. Otherwise, you leave me no choice but to resort into drastic actions.

    1. Hi Ge-Ann,

      Thank you giving us time in leaving a comment/review about your buying experience here at CashCash. As we already received your complaint via our support portal (issue: authenticity refund) we already escalate your concern to customer support agent. They will update you ASAP as they are also handling other cases.

      As we already communicating via private message e-mail, I will also update you when the refund is already approved. Again, I apologized for the inconvenience as we are in a service transition, to serve our customers better in the future.

      Gilbert Bermudez

  3. Hi this regards to my order of the bag Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Small Fuchsia. I paid the bag already last July 30. And how come it is still not in your office? The terms and conditions says that after my payment the order is already available to pick up in your office after 3 days once payment is confirmed. When is exactly the date to pick up my bag? I believe na confirmed na ang bag ko since you already sent me an email of my voucher regarding about it! Because if wla pa ang bag ko well then give me my money back! Please let me know and fix your customer service so it’ll be more convenient for us. Please send me an email or response as soon as possible. Thank you!

    1. Hi Demymore,

      Thank you for your time to make a comment about your purchased we already processing it, just for the record we already process this issue via e-mail exchange between the support and Demy.

      Gilbert Bermudez

    2. hello! this is also happened to me. I have purchased it last month. I have been always calling their landline but it’s always busy. I have sent email to them to update me just in case the bag is now available. They have just answered that my bag I purchased is not yet there for pick up. After a week, I’m still waiting for any updates but I haven’t heard anything. from them. I still have the doubt that the other bag I have purchased here is not authentic, as per visiting LC on rustans, the zipper has YKK which the one I bought has not, they are both same style and color. Please help me on this. Thank you.

  4. CCP do us all a favor and close shop/fold up now! I’ve been waiting for forever for my item to be delivered – Oct 23 pa! Your’re a disgrace! Such a disservice! So many customer service mortal sins committed. Your numbers don’t work. takes forever for someone to answer it. You don’t deliver as promised. I will do everything in my power & connections to file a complaint against you with DTI.

    1. Hi She,

      Thank you for the feedback and patronizing our website, as for your issue. We would like to apologized for the issue that you are facing. As a solution, I already sent you a e-mail about it so that we can fix seems to be the issue.

      Gilbert Bermudez

  5. Good day i would like to ask when will i receive my orders… I already sent email but no reply… I hope i wont get a fake bag.

    1. Hi Jacq,

      Thank you for your time on creating a comment about your items status. We already sent a private message about it. Kindly checked your inbox.

      The company/store is not selling fake items, actually we launched a page we called “Trademark Protection” (ref. http://www.cashcashpinoy.com/trademark-protection/ ) to help us protect our customers about fake, class A, replica items IF our merchant is actually selling it.

      Gilbert Bermudez

  6. Very lousy and disappointing delivery. More than 10 business days. Way beyond than what they actually say. Plus, the item that I bought was defective.

    1. Hi Airelyn,

      Thank you for your time to leave a comment about your experience and we are very sorry about it. As for item replacement, I already sent an e-mail you for the details (kindly, check your inbox about it).

      Gilbert Bermudez

  7. I made a follow on my items for several times. And a person named John always marks them as SOLVED whenever I submit a ticket. It’s already 31 WORKING DAYS and I should receive my items by now and still I am not receiving any response from your team. Can you just answer my question if I will still receive them? Or this is another scam?

    1. Hi KC,

      Thank you for your time making a comment, we already reached you to solve your issue. As for the company we are a legit online store, as we are making thousands of transactions everyday, issues came along in minor fraction, but rest assured that we are committed to fix every customer issues, regardless what size it is.


  8. Just bought Travel package for Azure Weekday Getaway yesterday.

    They told me that my preferred date is not available and asked that I give other dates. After giving them other dates, I have not received any reply from them anymore.

    After reading all the comments, I believe it is a scam and they just took my 2500 away

    1. Hi Ren,

      Thank you for taking your time to leave a comment in our blog and letting us know about your issue. We will e-mail you so that we can fix this issue. We are looking forward to work with you.


      1. Hello Gilbert. Unfortunately, we have not agreed on a specific date as my planned leave has not met room availability. I have told them to honor the Booking Guarantee Agreement and as per Grace of CCP Booking Team, she told me to contact the Support Team.

        What is really frustrating is Karen from Support Team kept on closing my ticket about the refund.

        Would it be better if I went there personally? I can’t just let them take my money.

      2. Hi Ren,

        We are very sorry for the closing of your ticket. As this is not meant, it is an automatic feature from our system. (if the sender did not reply to it given the time duration) w/c is a double edge sword on both ways.

        Would it be better if I went there personally? I can’t just let them take my money.

        You are most welcome to go to our office if you wish to (just look for the customer support at our reception area).

        For ease, our support answers all e-mails inquiries within the 24 hour period, it is much handy and well documented.

        Gilbert Bermudez

  9. Hi,

    I purchased an item last January (Old Rose Coat) I already paid for the item and you have advised me just last month that delivery of the said item is no longer pushing through due to merchant can no longer provide the item.
    I was requesting for your team to return my payment in cash since I have paid you thru cash basis as well.

    I am really disappointed with your service because you don’t even try to communicate with me on how will I get my payment.

    Kindly give me feedback as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Bea,

      Thank you for your comment and we are sorry for the inconvenience. We already sent you e-mails about the instructions from our customer support for the refund process. The company is also investigating the merchant involve so that it will not happen again.

      Gilbert Bermudez

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