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7 Kitchen Hacks That Will Help You Cook Smarter and Faster


A clean kitchen is a must since it is the place in the house where you’ll be preparing your family’s food. Your family’s health also lies in the kitchen, so you’ll have to keep it in tip-top shape. Some houses have it big, but if you have a smaller kitchen, making use of every space effectively is the best way to maximize it. Here are some kitchen hacks that will help you in maximizing your available kitchen space. Not only maximizing but also organizing, and cooking smarter and faster.

  1. Take Couple of Minutes before Cooking
    Taking some minutes to think about what you’re going to do first and what you’ll cook will make a lot of difference. Especially true when you’re planning to cook many dishes, you can first choose one that will take the longest (for preparation and cooking), so while waiting, you can work on other dishes slowly, too. It’s going to be more efficient to have a plan for what you are about to do so you’ll keep track of the things you’ll have to do.
  2. Set up Appliances
    Oven recipes always begin with the words ‘heat the oven’, right? Always remember to do it first before you even start getting your ingredients ready. It will take the time to start the oven, so you’ll have to do it first before anything else. Also, prepare every cooking ware or appliances that you will need for the kitchen, so you won’t have to waste time in looking for it in the middle of making the dish. You can even put ingredients in beforehand and measure them first so you can use them immediately later.
  3. Use Bigger Pans
    Instead of using saucepans, you can opt for wider and shallower pans instead. The Wider surface of pans will mean more area before the heating element touches it. It would also help in reducing liquids faster and browning more food all at once in just a single layer. Looking for the best stainless steel cookware will definitely up your cooking game.
  4. Grate and Slice Ingredients
    You already know this, but you should always remember that big and thick pieces will always take longer to cook than those that are thinner and smaller slices. Be it vegetables or meat, the same rule would always apply. Holding a knife in your hand would mean you’ll have the control over the shape or size of the ingredients you will use before they go into the pan. Also, grated vegetables are the fastest to be cooked.
  5. Labelling your Kitchen Supplies
    There’s no greater way to organize your kitchen than to use labels. It helps in keeping your cooking space organized and neat. You can put labels on the top of jars and put them in the drawer, so you’ll immediately know which is which once you take a look inside. You won’t have to guess which one is this or that anymore. You can even do the labels yourself and have your kitchen supplies labelled with a touch of your creativity.
  6. Use steam for Multi-tasking
    You can make use of the steam while sautéing or simmering is a very efficient move. The moisture from the steam will do well in cooking vegetables or simple starches while cooking another dish. Cooking meat with some vegetables on simmer will be as effective as cooking with oil. Just simply put a lid on the pans and you can use your improvised steamer.
  7. Save your counter space
    You can save your counter space by placing a cutting board right over the sink. Those cutting boards which fit your sink will help you in saving counter and cabinet space, and it also helps you in keeping the cleanliness of the area since you’ll be able to prevent vegetable and fruit peelings, juices, and other food bits from falling your counter or kitchen floor. It also enables you to save time in cleaning up after cooking.

These are just simple tips in maximizing your kitchen space and in cooking in a much faster and efficient way. Trying all these would help you make use of your space and have it more organized and neat. You should know that the kitchen should always be the priority regarding cleanliness since it is where you make your family’s food. You wouldn’t want to eat foods which came from a disgusting and dirty kitchen, don’t you?


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