Amazing Fitness Trackers and Health Gadgets That Are Worth Buying


If you have been living on a healthy lifestyle, purchasing wear action gadgets should be a must. These fitness trackers and health gadgets would make your workout routine more productive and will help you achieve your goal faster.

Though there are a lot of great finds available in the market, you will never regret buying the gadgets on the list below:

  1. Fitbit Charge 2
    Jump starts your fitness further with this heart rate and fitness wrist band. With this gadget, you can maximize your workouts as it tracks your heart rate and calorie burn and provides a clearer picture of your health. It has 5-day battery life so you can track the number of steps, floors climbed, distance walked, hourly activity and active minutes longer. It also sends reminders to move which encourages you to take 250 steps every hour. That’s a sure motivation to keep you stay active throughout the day.
  2. Ampstrip
    Don’t underestimate this device because of its appearance. Though it may look like a band aid, this device is a great value for your money as it has activity sensors built in, heart rate monitor and a rechargeable battery. It is attached to the torso to get the most accurate heart rate readings. This gadget comes in a slim and lightweight design, waterproof and has 7-days lifespan for its rechargeable battery.
  3. Fitbit Blaze
    This revolutionary fitness watch that is not only stylish, but also offers a lot of helpful features.

    • Pure Pulse Heart Rate
    • Smartphone Notifications
    • Multi-sport tracking and connected GPS
    • On-screen workouts
    • Color Touchscreen
    • Music control
    • All-day activity and sleep
    • Reminders to move
    • Up to 5 days battery life

    It also comes with an easy mix and match different frames and bands to make Fitbit Blaze a perfect accessory for every occasion.

  4. Smart Shorts
    Smart clothing has started to rise in 2015 and though they are not as mainstream and popular as other wearable gadgets, more companies are embracing the concept of connected garments.
    One of the smart clothing that’s gaining popularity is the smart shorts which have a sensor that can monitor metrics like ground contact time, cadence, stride length and pelvic rotation. This running must-have provides real time coaching feedback sent to your headphones to help you reduce the chances of injury and improve running form.
  5. Fitbit Alta
    This model is the sleekest and stylish activity tracker made by Fitbit. Alta comes in a slim profile which gives it a refined and upscale appearance. It has “Reminders to Move” feature which causes the gadget to vibrate if you have been inactive for too long. It is designed to get you do atleast 250 steps each hour. It’s long lasting since battery life lasts up to 5 days.
  6. Misfit Shine 2
    This smart watch comes in a thinner and smarter sophisticated appearance. It automatically tracks your distance, steps, calories and quality of sleep. It also sends a vibration alert for text and call notification, alarms and movement reminders. What’s best about this gadget is that it’s non-charging and its replaceable battery can last up to 6 months.
  7. Emfit QS Sleep monitor
    It is the world’s first sleep monitor with heart rate variability. This gadget gives you a detailed description about the quality of your sleep, level of stress and recovery progression. You can use this data to make choices for daily workouts, activities and other important events. To use Emfit QS, just simply lay down on your bed and sleep tight. You can check your data in the morning from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

These gadgets are surely value for your money. Pick one or more and use them to maximize you healthy daily routine.


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