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5 Extremely Easy Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online


Perhaps online shopping is one of the best ways to avoid long queues, save time and energy travelling to the mall. There is no time restriction since online shops don’t close and anyone can research the brand, quality and even look out for reviews in just a click.

But one pitfall consumers dislike about online shopping is that products can be pricey and additional shopping fee is required for the items to be delivered. There are also other concerns such as product quality, not having a lot of choices and the risk of online fraud is high. So a lot of consumers now think how will online shopping be easy, safe and affordable?

Shop at the Right Day
edit-1105049_640When scoring for cheaper items online, there are days when special deals and hottest discounts are available. The best days to shop online are from Wednesdays to Fridays. These days are the best deals for almost anything online. However for those looking for cheaper tickets, it’s best to book cheap tickets on a Sunday. Tuesday is the best way to shop for those who are into techy stuff.

Find Discount Coupon Codes
coupons-580420_1280Coupon codes are cheapskates’ haven. These are codes that you can find online so that there is a deduction on the final bill. In fact, there are a lot of websites with shopping coupons depending on which country the shopper resides. The discounted items are not just for clothes, shoes or accessories but it can also be for food, airline tickets, home products and many more. There are also instances where the coupons are available for a certain amount, which is much lower than the original cost. Yet, the customer can still get the same amount for a much cheaper value. It is called coupon retailer and it has been the trend in the online world.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping and Smart Reward Programs
Free shipping is for when the customer orders an expensive item or when ordering in bulk. Most websites will include free shipping if the purchased items reach a certain amount. This will surely take a huge lump on the customer’s wallet while online shipping and the best part is, most websites include this in their offer.

Another way to get be thrifty in shopping online is joining the smart reward programs. This means that customers, when purchasing can get a certain amount of point depending on the amount paid. As the points accumulate, it can be used to purchase products from the website.

Earn Cashback on Online Purchases
This kind of tip is not really known to everyone but most coupon retailers know about having cashback to purchases done online. Shoppers will just simply create an account on the shopping site and even to sites where cash backs are offered. There will be a cashback amount when buying something online until the limit is reached and money is given back to the consumer.

Leave Items in Your Cart
extremely-easy-ways-to-save-money-while-shopping-onlineThe thing about leaving something in the cart is that retailers hate a deal which is not closed or purchased. So they will send a reminder to the customer but this time at a discounted price. Though this only happens when visiting the main website of the merchant and not a third party webpage, leaving it in carts will also avoid clients from impulse buying.

Get Ready for Price Alerts
For those who are frequently visiting online shops, (whether from direct merchants or third-party retailers) being on a lookout is always a great idea. When price alerts happen, especially when offering 50-70% off, items will be sold right away. So it is best to sign up for email alerts to get notified for upcoming price reductions.

The greatest thing about shopping online is the price reductions and doing it at the comforts of your own home. But it is still very advisable for consumers to be a smart buyer and know the different tips to save money when online shopping to make sure no penny is put to waste.


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