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15 Geeky Gifts that will Appeal Every Techie People


Everywhere you look today, pieces and bits of information are present. From smart phones to laptops, to wearable tech – name it; we are all techies in our own ways. And in this time where everyone is technology-inclined, finding the perfect gift that a techie will love is a little hard. But we’re here to help. Check out these geek gift ideas that will surely help you find that present all techies will enjoy.

Spinning Satellite View Globe
Spinning Satellite View GlobeThis unique piece is the gift you need to give to tech geeks who love to travel and love astronomy. The Spinning Satellite View Globe measures 4.5 inches in diameter (which fits easily in the palm of one’s hand), provides a satellite view of the calm depiction of Earth. It is covered in clouds and rotates silently on its own – something to marvel at everyday.

LED Glow Wall Charger
LED Glow Wall ChargerAdd some fun while charging your gadgets! This cool LED wall charger comes to life in glowing blue or green, making your charging experience easy and interesting! It has a built-in smart electricity chip that distributes current faster allowing a quick charge for all the gadgets.

Astronaut Chandelier
Astronaut ChandelierIt’s time to change your boring ceiling light with this out-of-the-ordinary astronaut and space station chandelier! It features suspended astronauts adorned with planets and stars. It’s super easy to install and will definitely add accent to anybody’s room.

Radioactive Elements Coasters
Radioactive Elements CoastersCoasters that light up when you put down your glass on them are the perfect gift for your chemist friends. Featuring atomic numbers and isotopic mass for chemical elements, it’s the geeky accessory to use for geeky parties.

Color Changing LED Faucet
Color Changing LED FaucetDitch the old faucet by this chrome faucet with built-in temperature sensitive LED lights that’ll help you know how hot or how cold our water is. It’s powered by the flow of water itself so you never have to worry about batteries!

Smartphone Microscope
Smartphone MicroscopeZoom in the tiny wonders of the world with a 60x zoom microscope lens fit for any smartphone. Quickly attach to one’s phone via a detachable clip and viola! You can now start pointing and shooting.

World’s Strongest Flashlight
World's Strongest FlashlightDubbed as the ultimate geek gadget, the world’s strongest flashlight has enough lumens (4,100 lumens at that matter) to start a fire! Built from heavy-duty aircraft grade aluminum and halogen headlamp of 2000 hours life, it’s the world’s coolest and most powerful flashlight.

Nano Quadcopter
Nano QuadcopterThe nano quadcopter will definitely be a favorite among techies. It’s super small and fast but its stability and agility is not compromised.

Thermal Imaging Phone Case
Thermal Imaging Phone CaseThis phone case does magic as it lets you capture images and videos in thermal format. Equipped with MSX Technology, this iPhone case blends thermal and visible spectrum for fun and vivid images. It also allows you to easily share your thermal files.

Tree Root Chandelier
Tree Root ChandelierThe Tree Root Chandelier is the done intricately and is set to elevate any room with its classic look. Available in gold, white and brown; it’s never too late to surprise your geeky friend who loves botany with this chandelier on his preferred color.

Rocket Science Necktie
Rocket Science NecktieInspired by the Apollo mission, this tie will rock any suit of any geeks out there. It features amazing illustrations from vintage NASA documents and Apollo missions’ control panels. Astronomy geeks will surely love this one.

Hypnotic Pendulum Display
Hypnotic Pendulum DisplayA truly mesmerizing gift for any techie. Electromagnet allows this device’s hypnotic motion illusion. Three asterisms spin and swirl through the air.

Gesture Control Armband
Gesture Control ArmbandThis wearable tech allows you to wirelessly control technology. The special armband reads the movements of one’s arm muscles letting you change the music, games among many others.

Laser Star Projector
Laser Star ProjectorDying for the sky to clear at night so you can stargaze all you want? This projector allows you to do just that. All you have to do is plug the projector, lie down and the twinkling of the stars will soon envelop you. By projecting the panorama of the night sky while replicating the movements of the earth, you get to experience lying down under the star without sweating it out.

Flowing Light Charging Cable
Flowing Light Charging CableThis unique light charging cable is mind-blowingly amazing. It’ll show the electric pulse from the outlet through the cable to your device. It’ll b super fun to watch all those little lights.

Scouting geek gifts for the techies in our lives should be a lot of fun. Let all your geek friends enjoy these awesome presents.


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