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E-commerce Talk: 4 Tips to Improve Mobile e-Commerce

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Today, internet access has made it easier for people to do a lot of things from the comfort of their homes. Accessing data from their computers and smartphones: they read news sites, checking out social media and browsing to online shopping sites.

Today’s user has both comfort of knowing what’s outside of their home without leaving and the access of getting the information 24/7.

Shopping has become an essential part of everyone’s daily life, and companies realize that the internet,TV and radio can be a shopping channel to reach existing and potential consumers. While there are a lot of online shopping sites, here are the 4 pointers to improve your Mobile e-commerce website.*

Speed is key
Going mobile is all about ease of use and finding information fast. A total of 38% of consumers report having left a website in the last four weeks due to difficulties in finding support contact information. When looking for product or service information, 45% report giving up within a minute of their search.

Mobile commerce puts pressure on after-sales support

CashCashPinoy mobile homepage
CashCashPinoy mobile homepage

Customers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of support available through a mobile website or app.  Easy to find contact information for support ranked highest (44%) among the factors to ensure a good mobile experience. And 69% report that they have abandoned a mobile experience because it was too difficult to initiate contact.  More respondents (63%) report that they use a search engine to get answers to their questions over a company’s website or app. When customers abandon the website or app, they are exposed to competing offers, potentially losing the company a sale.

Human interaction is imperative; use of chat is growing
Studies concluded that about 93%of respondents believe there should always be a way to contact a real person during a mobile experience; and a majority of respondents — 71% — report that they would be open to an offer of help via a chat invitation while on a mobile website.

Security and other issues are hindering mobile spending
A total of 63% of consumers reported that they would spend more money via their mobile device if one or more concerns were addressed. And 29% believe it should be easier to compare products on the mobile device while 23% cited lack of confidence in security of e-commerce sites and apps as a significant issue.

There are more ways than ever for companies to engage with customers and mobile is a vital part of a company’s e-commerce success. This is truly evident with the growing of SME’s maximizing social media i.e. Facebook.

Customers expect a seamless experience and access to information across all of the channels and devices they use.  While not meeting these demands can come with an enormous price tag, a good mobile experience can create a competitive differentiator, drive revenue, and turn prospects into loyal customers.

As for us in CashCashLAB we are working on making to be at the on-trend for every development to customer satisfaction.

*study ref.

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