6 Smart Parent’s Guide When Buying Baby Stuff Online


Buying cheap baby stuff does not mean you sacrifice quality. It’s just mean that you are just spending money wisely and apportioning budget to more important expenditures like healthcare for babies, baby care, insurance and hospitalizations etc.

The arrival of a new baby especially for new parents, we have a feeling of excitement and overwhelm. To some, it is a privilege to splurge and go on a shopping spree. It does not matter whether you have money to spend or you are on a tight budget. Owning cheap baby stuff can prove you are being a smart parent, because you want to save more.

Here are some tips on how to spot cheap baby stuff without sacrificing quality and you baby’s welfare:

Browse Online Shopping Websites
Online shopping is quickly becoming a practice than a trend. Numerous shops have created their own online store version where buyers can register, shop and enjoy freebies and discounts.

CashCashPinoy home page – image from Pixabay

These online stores have buy-back guarantee, exchange and replacement policies in place. They operate on trusted sites to ensure that your financial information is safe. You can even compare prices and get deals that are so affordable. Adding top to that, delivery is almost always free.

usual coupon items as essential baby products – image from Pixabay

Collect shopping coupons and use it
These shopping coupons are available on magazines and product labels. Have you tried using it? A few pesos off may not be easily noticed but if you can save money from using coupons, that is a good amount you can use elsewhere.

Join Social Media Groups/ Forums
Have you tried joining parenting groups within your area? You will be surprised to find out they offer cool and cheap baby stuff for giveaways. They may launch photo contests and winners can get a year’s supply of diapers, milk or other baby care basics like soap and bath gels. Check out topics from forums and gather some advice from other moms about their practical spending secrets.

nursery room items are usually good for 0 – 12 months image from Pixabay

Consider Owning a Pre-loved Item
Looking for a stroller? Baby carrier? Or a crib? Most often you will need these for three to six months only. Do you imagine spending hundreds of pesos for one item when you can get a something similar for almost 70 percent less? This is a good opportunity to meet fellow smart parents, share stories and build relationships because you share a common item.

Just don’t forget about only trust online shopping sites that has: Secured Payment and Return Policy

Secured Payment
visa-957187_1920Make sure the online store owns a secured payment gateway for conduction online transactions. Sometimes online transaction becomes risky. There is a large possibility for both the seller and the shopper to get affected by the hackers. So check the transaction method is secured before you provide your credit card digits.

Return Policy
Returning policy is another important aspect to keep in mind while shopping for the children. Sometimes you need to change the bought clothes from the shop if it does not fit your child. The situation becomes awkward when the seller denies returning or changing the sold products or refuses to pay the money back. So go through the terms and conditions of the site properly to avoid such hassles.

These are some tips and guides on how to buy cheap yet quality baby stuff. Do you have something to share? We love to hear from you.


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