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Online Shopping Basics for Students


Online shopping is so “in” nowadays, with busy moms, titos, even students. All the latest trends, celebrity OOTDs, new releases from big brands, sale events, and more are on the web so shopping online is only the next step after lusting over those awesome finds.

Moreover, many students nowadays, especially those in the metro, enjoy easy connectivity through their mobile smartphones, which they use to get instant access to the internet. And shopping online doesn’t require a credit card anymore. Buyers can deposit payment to a bank account, use PayPal, even pay at the nearest convenience store so that even students, who normally don’t have a credit card to their name, can easily buy stuff online.

Once they go online, the students become vulnerable to sellers and re-sellers who operate various scams and schemes that steal money and personal information from their customers. To help avoid these and to fully enjoy the pleasures of online shopping, here are two simple tips to keep in mind:

Know which items to buy online

computer-1185637_1280First things first, students should know which products they want to buy online and which products they should buy personally. Books, writing materials and stationery, and bags, are just some of the things that is great to buy online because you can get discounts, browse through a lot of variety (even look at pre-loved ones to save money), and have these conveniently delivered to your home. Shoes, uniforms, sports equipment, and gadgets are best to be reviewed online first then bought at a physical shop so you can see and fit these yourself. There’s nothing so frustrating as buying a nice pair of shiny black shoes then trying these at home only to find out that they’re actually a size smaller.

Remember that distinguishing beforehand which items go to which list is important. By doing so, the students avoid the hassle of indecisiveness and the stress it brings during shopping. It also helps them keep an organized shopping schedule and list; and, more than anything, it can help them save them money and time.

Be a proactive buyer

ipad-1126136_1920After knowing which items to buy online, students should make sure to check the provided information about the website, marketplace, or the seller before making any transactions. They should check reviews of the websites, the return and refund policies, and also look for an email address or landline or mobile numbers and try to contact them even before buying. These measures will help them confirm who or what company is behind the product—or the service or food voucher.

It is also important to know and inquire about transaction and shipping options. They should know if their shipments can be tracked. They should also check for the expected date of delivery even before they buy an item. Through this it will be clearer to them as customers that their money (or their parents’ hard-earned money) has not gone to waste.
Being proactive also means showing appreciation if you were satisfied with the products and services. Posting positive reviews about the website or product you bought helps your favorite online shops to stay in business so they could provide you with the products and deals that you want.


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