Serviced Offices: The New Fad for Startups


Serviced offices have many benefits over traditional offices; they provide business owners with a complete and professional looking office environment and facilities for operating their businesses at an affordable and fixed monthly fee.

Many serviced office space for rent are in prestigious locations and provide reception with call answering services, high speed Internet, and essential office equipment. Serviced offices eliminate the need for securing a fixed lease, customizing the space, buying essential office furniture, and installing office machines and equipment. Renting a serviced office gives you access to major CBD addresses and important transport hubs making it easy for you and your clients to walk-in and start doing business.

co-working has its own advantage and disadvantage

Lease Terms for Serviced Offices
Many serviced office space for rent are available for lease in as short a period as half an hour. In addition, renewal terms are quite flexible and in most cases, you can renew the lease of your serviced office indefinitely. With a serviced office, you only need to provide a month’s notice when you need to resize, upsize, downsize, or relocate. The sign up process is also much simpler; you only need to walk into the premise, select the office suite that meets your needs, sign the lease agreement, and make necessary deposit and rental payments, which vary, and you can start working immediately. Once you rent a serviced office, your phone will be activated in a few minutes or hours.

Leasing a serviced office is much simpler compared to a traditional office that requires lessees to pay on a month-to-month basis and bounds them to a fixed term that may vary from three to five years. In addition, renting a traditional office involves buying all the essential office equipment including furniture and decorations and establishing the business brand in the new office location.

Serviced offices are suitable for business owners who do not want the hassle of setting up a new office altogether and prefer short-term lease agreements. Many business owners lease office space for rent on a rolling basis, which means that they pay rent at the end of each month. This gives the business owners greater flexibility in case things do not work out.

Access to Additional Office Facilities
One of the financial benefits of leasing a serviced office is that it offers you the option of paying only for what you need including copiers, staff, and conference rooms. Facilities such as conference rooms can be leased on an hour basis, meaning that you will only pay for the conference facility when you have important clients to meet and for the hours that you use it.

Opportunity to Expand Into New Markets
Serviced offices offer business owners the opportunity to undertake split testing. This is a business strategy that helps business owners figure out the most effective marketing strategies for certain locations without making significant long-term investments. This means that if you want to expand your business and are not sure about the most suitable locations for the expansion, you can try leasing serviced offices in different locations and then determining the most suitable location based on results.

Minimizes Downtime When Moving In
Downtime can significantly affect business operations, especially when you are moving into a new business premise or location. Leasing a serviced office helps to minimize downtime because the offices are already setup and well equipped for business operations. Office space for rent comes with everything from communication hardware to essential office services and equipment including reception, high speed Internet and copiers. This eliminates the need for waiting for Internet and phone companies to install the necessary communication hardware and software.

The operators of serviced offices often try to keep their premises and technology up to date to accommodate the changing needs of their clients. This guarantees quality for their clients. If you are looking for a start-up business you may check out our lifestyle section as we have details for entrepreneurs.


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