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How to maximize your Mat Exercise?


Are you bored with your usual routines for your mat exercises? More people are doing mat exercises like yoga and pilates, sometimes we want a little push or substitute to our usual program. The foam roller is a tool that can help you give your exercise the extra crunch that you need. It’s both inexpensive and versatile equipment that can help you from stretching to sculpting your core.

Here are ways to boost your mat exercise using the foam roller:

  1. Extend your stretch
    number1The foam roller’s gentle curves help you extend your stretch a little farther by rolling it against your direction. When you’ve reached your limit, it can make as a good support for your stretch as well. Prop your legs on top of the roller for your hamstrings, as indicated in the photo.
  2. Improve your balance
    number2Use the roller on your balancing poses to challenge your muscles. It will take you a step further in your poses since the cylindrical shape of the roller will move with you to your maximum stretch and pose.
  3. Challenge your plank and push up
    number3Use the roller when doing your planks to engage more muscles and improve stability. Doing planks or push-ups on an unstable surface works the muscles harder, hence making the work out double the effort for the same routine.
  4. Strengthen your core
    number4Put the foam roller underneath your back while doing your leg raises to improve balance and to put more pressure on the lower abs for the work out.
  5. Use it as a yoga prop
    number5Use it as a prop when doing your standing poses when tired or just in need of a little balance. Or while doing your dead man’s pose during yoga to relieve pressure from the legs.
  6. Massage your muscles
    number6Soothe your strained muscles by using it on your back or legs on top of the foam roller and rolling yourself back and forth to massage the muscles. This will lessen the tension of the newly worked out areas and will decrease the pain of your exercise.

So, if you aren’t using it yet, perhaps it is time for you to step up your exercise and give it a twist with the foam roller. For beginners, you can checkout the video below about pilates basic. Don’t forget to check out our exercise equipment and get the best deal in town.


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