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CashCashPinoy Announced its Fast Track Delivery


CashCashPinoy, the pioneer in flash-sale website in the country shares its idea how logistics play vital role to market success.

Today, the country’s e-commerce scene is growing on a fast-paced rate. Small-medium entrepreneurs consider internet marketing as the number 1 option for success, success in terms of putting your brand to be known in the market, spending at a very low cost. Having that on the process, competition is on the rise where online store companies are battling out to win the biggest market share in the digital world. Stores now provide new features such as releasing a mobile app, giving away regular promos and perks (to retain its customers), providing complete after sales support (updating their clients’ purchase status and inquiries), joining conferences, expo and more. Bringing the maximum exposure for their brand to be known and putting itself on the front over its competitors. The online marketplace today in the country is steadily growing.

business intelligence
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Nowadays, stores are now making investment on advance marketing campaigns for social media specifically Facebook, Instagram and (as they are the most prominent websites) by making bids to connect with prospect customers to show their own ads. Business intelligence departments are being form to gather data about the trend and behavior of their own customers.

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While, logistics plays as one crucial part of making an online store successful. Being tied-up with prominent logistics companies like LBC, 2GO and other known local delivery providers play a big part for a successful customer experience. Today, the company introduced a faster version wherein you can get the item the same day as you order and named it as: CashCashPinoy Fast Track Delivery. Aside from their current logistics line-up consisting of Cash-on-Delivery, Priority Manila Shipping, Priority Nationwide Shipping, the company now offers same day delivery*. Customers can now get their item the same day they purchase it. This makes a faster interval in terms of transferring of goods from warehouse to their doorstep by adding a small service charge.

Speed of delivery is as important as the product quality for a customer. It would not be wrong to say that logistics could be the defining factor for success of e-commerce companies in retaining their customers. As lower prices, delivery speed and ease of service are the present trends for e-commerce this year, we can say that customer experience will be the game changer for the e-commerce scene.

You can visit our website to know more about this new feature.


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