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5 Tips to Decorate Your Home with Hanging Flower Baskets


Flower baskets provide instant color to your summer deck, patio or porch. They are ideal structural materials for vertical gardening and bring petite flowers instantly at the eye level. Now that spring is here and planting season is upon us, it is time to invest in some beautiful hanging flower baskets. These useful decoration tips will help you in setting up beautiful hanging containers and choosing appropriate flowering plants.

Tip 1: Choosing the best time for planting
Spring is the best time to start your hanging basket project. The warm weather provides adequate growing period for annuals and cold-tender plants. For plants that last from season to season, spring planting provides them a year’s time of growth so that they are well established to withstand the winter’s cold.

Tip 2: Selecting the right plants
Hanging flowers baskets can instantly brighten up the entrance to your home. But before you go out to buy plants for your doorway, take a look at the site. Is it sunny? Is it shady? A little bit of both? A sunny area is one that receives more than 6 hours of sun whereas a shady area does not receive sunshine directly.

It is always a good idea to choose plants based on the amount of sunlight they will receive to ensure longevity and minimum maintenance. Here is a brief list of plants to help you out:

Sun-loving plants: African Daisy, Dahlia, Petunia, Marigolds or Swan River Daisy.
Shade-loving plants: Begonia, Fuschsias, Caladium, Lobelia or Bergenia.

Tip 3: Selecting the right baskets
Many commercially available hanging planters can be used as suspended planting baskets. They are sturdy, lightweight and long lasting. Majority of these come in galvanized wire materials though you can also buy plastic flowerpots, which aren’t as long lasting.  Alternatively, you can also make DIY hanging baskets using any item from your garage or attic for the purpose. An old teapot, an unused lantern, a watering can, etc. are just some examples of items that can be converted into elegant containers. Poke a hole in the container you have chosen to ensure appropriate water drainage.

Tip 4: Selecting the right maintenance tools
Regular maintenance is essential to grow a stunning basket that can last a season. This involves regularly trimming the plants when they start to look straggly, which can further encourage many more blooms. Additionally, small amounts of periodic watering will be required to ensure a healthy growth. Thus, it’s always a good idea stock up the necessary gardening tools to perform the maintenance work on your hanging planters.

Tip 5: Filling the hanging planters
Hanging basket cultivation requires expertise and is a specialized science. However, even beginners to gardening can replicate professional hanging planters by using following steps:

  • Use a high quality potting mix formula;
  • Line the basket sides with a fungicide to prevent root rot and mildew;
  • Pack the planting basket with flowering plants of your choice such as verbena, moneywort and begonia;
  • Keep using diluted fertilizers throughout the season;
  • Trim and shape the plants weekly to avoid a straggly look;
  • Use pesticides, sticky traps and insect soaps to keep away aphids and pests.

The best advantage of using hanging baskets or wall planters in your home decoration is the ability to switch the containers for seasonal display variations. For example, you could bring out your red and green plants, such as Poinsettia outside during Christmas whereas blue, red and white flower baskets can adorn your patio around Memorial Day or Independence Day. No matter what color combinations you use, your beautiful hanging baskets will certainly draw admiration from family and neighbors throughout the season.


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