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5 Must-Have Work Office Pantry Utensils and Equipment

office-pantry3The office is like your second-home, and sometimes, you spend more time there than you do in your actual home. If you’re spending a significant chunk of your life at work, modern-day offices should, at the very least, have a fully-equipped pantry with utensils and tools used on a daily basis.

In addition to a great kitchen-pantry environment where employees can sit next to each other and take an enjoyable break from staring at their monitors, companies make their employees’ lives at work easier and more comfortable when stocking their pantries with these essential office kitchen utensils and equipment.

  1. Plates
    Whether you brought packed lunch or bought a meal from a fast food joint, you’re going to want to have dinner plates around. Not everyone enjoys eating out of Tupperware containers and sometimes, fast food packaging prove to be flimsy. A dinner plate can make all the difference when enjoying a proper meal during lunch breaks among colleagues.
  2. Bowls
    As much as you’d like to eat off plates, bowls might be the more preferred dishware by others. They’re more handy and versatile. Offices can stock the pantry with different sized- and shaped-bowls; there are pasta bowls, salad bowls, soup bowls, etc. With bowls, you can take meals to the desk or the dining area. You can eat sitting down or standing up. Bowls are convenient, and that’s why every pantry should have a set in storage.
  3. Coffee Maker
    office-pantryIf you’re working long hours at the back office, a constant supply of coffee should be a staple. Instead of running down to the cafe to buy an expensive cup of latte, why not brew your own using a coffee maker in the pantry? Having a coffee maker at work is a huge money saver, especially when employers provide free coffee with all the extras (sugar and cream). Imagine getting a whiff of coffee brewing in early mornings – it’s a great start to a 9-5 kind of day.
  4. Microwave oven
    Nobody enjoys eating cold meals on a daily basis. With a microwave oven, you can heat up your home cooked meals or convenience food. You can even prepare your own meals at work. Try your hand at a quick and easy omelette by microwaving eggs and vegetables together. Office pantries should carry microwavable bowls, plates, or containers to prevent sparks and fire-related accidents.
  5. Cutlery
    Forks, knives, and spoons are kitchen basics, and must always be within reach, especially when office celebrations (birthdays, promotions, etc.) are a regular thing at the office. Companies better not skimp on equipping the pantry with cutlery, and at the same time, employees should also clean up and return cutlery after every use. Cutlery can be easily misplaced.

office-pantry2Albeit a short list of must-haves in the pantry, companies, when they are exceptional, will equip office pantries with so much more than the essentials. Make suggestions and request for other kitchen tools and equipment, if possible. How about throwing in some can and bottle openers and a toaster to the list?

This post is contributed by Area Creatives Hub or ARCH Offices, a Seattle-inspired office space in the heart of Makati Central Business District that offers Staff Leasing services in an urban community to support developing businesses.


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