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4 Things to Ask Yourself before Buying Office Furniture

office-furnitureHave you been salivating at the latest office projects featured in various design websites lately? When your current office pales in comparison to workspaces you’ve seen online with their flexible desks, large graphic walls, and custom made shelving units, we understand why you’re contemplating on furniture and fixture upgrades for an office makeover.

If you think it’s time to convert your office into a more creative and engaging place to work in, you need to ask yourself a few important questions before you start impulsively adding items to your shopping cart.

Do I even have space?
As much as you’d like to get that large, cozy couch for the receiving area, consider this: is it even going to fit? How small or large is your office space? What are its dimensions? How many employees are occupying or will occupy it in the foreseeable future? Are cubicle dividers maximizing your space or limiting it? Take into account the space you have when buying office furniture. The dimensions of work desks and the number of chairs depend on the space allotted and the number of employees using it. If you have a relatively larger space to work with, it doesn’t mean you can outfit it with as many pieces as you want. Remember: always leave room for comfort.

How much will it cost (and how much will it cost to maintain?)
In business, every decision made ultimately rests on how high or low the budget is. How much budget is allocated to sprucing up and improving office design? You want to save money but also ensure the best value for your buck. Buying new furniture, or, if you’re feeling resourceful, repurposing old furnishings is an investment that comes with several advantages to your business: a fresher environment, higher employee morale and productivity, positive response from customers or clients – the list goes on.

What’s the office going to be used for?
Design can make an office look bold and striking. Another thing design can do for your office is make it smart. Smart design can contribute to more efficient work processes and can even cut down on utility bills. Are the new office desks functional? Are your purchasing ergonomic chairs? Are the new lighting fixtures radiating ample amount of lighting? Select furniture and fixtures that blend practical essentials and stylish features.

office-furniture2Think about the nature of your business. What are your day-to-day operations in the office like? Answers to these questions should be the core of your design strategy. If it’s a place where people will spend 7-9 hours a day working or a space held for interviews for staff leasing, any item you buy should or could have the necessary features to get the job done.

What design strategy am I going for?
Every design element you add, subtract, and move from one place to the other must be consistent to the look and feel you want to achieve. Each furniture selected must fit into the design aesthetic. Take a holistic approach. A consistency in colors, design, and materials can make the workplace look united. And even if you’re going for an eclectic design, you need to consider if every item you add fits into that scheme.

The workplace is part of the company culture – it can inspire and keep employees motivated. Aesthetics, for all its intents and purposes, is not only considered to make a space look beautiful or trendy, moreover, it gives the office an on-brand personality and a distinct vibe workers can relate to and enjoy.

Designing the office space with new furniture is fun and all, but without a thoughtful and practical approach, it can quickly turn into a disastrous and expensive ordeal. When you’re about to start your office design project, make sure you’ve asked those important questions first.

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