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3 Tips for Avoiding Online Scams

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Many people nowadays turn to the internet for their usual shopping fits. Instead of going out and heading to the nearest mall, people just stay at home and just go online to look for whatever they need with just the touch of a finger, visiting different websites and marketplaces. This convenience saves a lot of time and even money.

However, this major pro of online shopping comes along with, a major con. When shoppers access the internet, they become vulnerable to various scams that seek to steal your money and get personal information. Here are several tips that you should consider whenever going online to shop.

Know your Websites

Usually, legitimate shopping websites are listed first among the results when you type them in the Google search bar. They provide you with wide ranges of shopping finds and deals, customer representative assistance, contact information, and even their office or warehouse address. These websites also allow you to choose how you want to pay and if you want to track your shipment or not. These are online shopping sites that you would want to order from and transact with.

On the other hand, a website that prompts too many pop-up ads or has a cluttered page layout might be a fraud. Shopping from such sites might lead to losing money, personal information, or getting your computer infected with malware. You should avoid visiting these websites and clicking their spam posts and emails.

For an easy, stress-free online shopping experience, it is always best to go to big-named online marketplaces and official websites. You should also transact through familiar payment schemes or official banking apps.

Always Inquire

Always ask questions about the deal or the product you want to buy before actually buying them. Ask about shipping options. Ask about refunds and return policies. Ask about payment methods. Ask about cancellation premises. Ask about redemption and delivery dates.

Legitimate shopping websites usually have chat platforms that allow you to exchange instant messages with their customer service representatives. This way you can be sure that there’s another person at the other end of the line to respond to your questions; and you’re not just throwing away your money in the hope that you get your product after some time. Contacting the seller or company before payment also makes it easier for you to contact them back after you receive your order, should concerns arise.

Be Careful with your Information

Avoid using the same password across different online shopping accounts. It is too risky and it leaves you vulnerable to hackers, which then might lead to money and information being stolen from you. Instead, come up with strong passwords that include numbers, symbols, and letters.

Also, avoid sharing your bank card or tax identification or mobile numbers when you chat online. When these fall on the hands of a proficient hacker, they can be used to make payments, deposits, and wire transfers without your consent. You should be extra careful about such personal information.


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