10 Breathtaking Moments You’d Miss About Pregnancy When It’s Over

10 Breathtaking Moments You'd Miss About Pregnancy When Its OverPregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time for everyone involved. But as it progresses, there will be ups and downs to experience. Sometimes, it can also be quite depressing or annoying when you can’t fit in your own clothes, or when all you want to do is sleep and eat. But after nine months of carrying your unborn child, you will see that these experiences will be greatly missed.

  1. The first kicks and tiny hiccups
    The first kick is always a joy to behold. Seeing your tiny one’s foot pressing against your tummy is one of the best experiences. Those tiny hiccups are uncomfortable, but it is another thing to miss about your pregnancy.
  2. Sleeping and napping
    Yes, the endless sleepiness and urge to nap all the time is one of the most enjoyable things. You can do them without being reprimanded. Family, friends and even workmates will understand what you are going through and they would even let you do it.
  3. Glowing and rosy skin
    The glowing and rosy skin is not applicable for everyone because some mothers-to-be tend to break-out during this time. But, when you do have it while pregnant, enjoy every moment while it lasts. This can go away once the pregnancy is over too, what with all the sleepless nights that come after.
  4. Indulging in cravings without feeling guilty
    Pregnancy brings about all sorts of cravings. It can be something sweet, salty or sour. You can eat them all because you can and without the guilt too.
  5. Feeling special and being taken care of
    During pregnancy, your husband will be at your every beck and call. He will make sure you are comfortable and you have everything you need. Your family will also be there to cater to your errands, no matter how crazy they may seem. And you are not allowed to lift a finger at all. Isn’t that great? These are some things to really miss about pregnancy.
  6. You’re never alone
    You will never be left in the house alone ever, because people around you will be concerned about the risks of pregnancy too. You might miss your solitude, but it’s also a good thing to have someone to talk to, especially when hormones are raging at this time too. So, you’ll definitely miss the people who kept you company.
  7. Being the center of attention
    Being the center of attention is new, especially if you come from a big family. So, enjoy every moment of being the star, as it would fade away once the baby comes out.
  8. Food never tasted better
    Hormones can sometimes alter the taste buds during pregnancy. It makes the flavors taste more intense. So, this is quite enjoyable during pregnancy, especially when there’s an intense craving for sweets. Ice cream would now taste even sweeter and chocolates even chocolaty.
  9. Who cares if your clothes fit snugly
    During pregnancy, not so much care is given to clothes. When it’s comfortable to wear, then go for it. For even more comfort, try Pregnancy leggings for a more snug fit. You will miss not caring about appearances after this is over.
  10. Taking part in the miracle of life
    Pregnancy is a great experience because you are sustaining and nurturing new life inside of you. How can a simple union between a man and a woman, create something so beautiful? The moments when you have time to ponder about the miracle of life is something to be missed too.

Yes, you will surely miss these experiences when the pregnancy is over, but there’s more to come after. The firsts of every child are what you should look forward to the next. These are memories that should never be taken for granted. So, enjoy every moment.


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