10 Hacks to Save on Beauty Products

beauty-tonerThey say you get what you pay for. That’s not necessarily the case with cosmetics because with our helpful tips, you could pull off a glamorous look without blowing off your entire month’s salary.

  1. Use alcohol to put together broken compact powder makeup
    Use alcohol to put together broken compact powder makeupThere’s nothing so devastating as seeing your favorite compact powder or eye shadow in broken bits. Fret not, because you can still salvage it with the help of alcohol. Simply crush the broken bits into a fine powder, squeeze a fair amount of alcohol, then work quickly to pat it down solid into its container. Once the alcohol has evaporated, you would have remade your compact powder/eye shadow
  2. Buy multipurpose cosmetics
    Buy multipurpose cosmetics7-in-1 dresses, reversible bags, and cheek/lip color all give you fabulous value for your money. You get multiple uses with just 1 product. Plus, it’s great for travelling too because you don’t have to bring separate products for your cheeks and lips.
  3. Use virgin coconut oil as a makeup remover
    This versatile, natural product is Mother Nature’s gift to your skin. Simply dab and massage it onto your eyes, cheeks, and forehead, then swipe with a clean cloth or cotton ball. It picks up every bit of makeup and doesn’t leave your skin dry.
  4. Go hunt online for discounts on your favorite brands
    Your favorite makeup brand may not have a sale going on at their physical store but something exciting might be happening online. Check out their online store and other deals sites that offer discounts on makeup and skin care products to score major beauty points, but at a discount.
  5. Try out the travel-size portion first
    Try out the travel-size portion firstSo you’ve been wanting to try that new shampoo but don’t want the commitment of a full-sized bottle yet? Then pick up one of their travel-sized items so you can sample the product first and see if you like it. If you don’t, then you wouldn’t have been stuck using a full-sized bottle.
  6. Sign-up for a rewards card
    Shopping often at your favorite boutique can have its rewards and you can maximize that by signing up for their rewards cards. The more you shop, the more points you’ll accumulate to use to pay for products in the future.
  7. Subscribe to monthly beauty boxes
    For the makeup crazy, these monthly subscription boxes are like opening Christmas presents every month. It’s a total surprise what you’ll get each month with these boxes but rest assured, you’ll get some high priced items along the way that will make the subscription price worth it.
  8. Search reviews before buying the product you want
    Seen a new makeup primer at the shop that you’ve been dying to buy? Take a deep breath and go online first to check out what your sisters have to say about it.
  9. Check the price per gram/ml
    A little math goes a long way. One bottle of moisturizer may be priced lower than another but compute first the price per gram/ml to see which one is really cheaper.
  10. Cut tubes/bottles in half to get all of the product inside
    You’d be surprised with the amount of product stuck at the bottom of the bottle that would have otherwise have been thrown away. You can do this to shampoos, conditioners, body moisturizers, and more in plastic tubes or bottles. Just remember to be safe when using sharp cutters and scissors.

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