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Kitchen Redecoration Tips on a Shoestring Budget

The kitchen is a space where you create something delectable for you or others to eat. It is where all the home’s mouthwatering dishes are made with care and love. But with the wear and tear that your kitchen has endured over years of use, are you less inspired to cook lately or do you suddenly find yourself feeling burdened when it’s time to cook?

Your body may be signaling exhaustion, but maybe it’s the kitchen that needs refurbishing. But a kitchen remodeling need not be pricey. Changing the look of your kitchen on a minimal budget is just what you need to let out your inner Gordon Ramsay again. Here are a few tips from MyProperty.ph to help you get back on track.

  1. Rearrange
    A simple and no-cost way to change the look of your kitchen is to move and rearrange your stuff and appliances. Determine the size of your kitchen and check out which things are moveable. Create a layout that will work with the moveable items to help improve your efficiency in the kitchen. Perhaps what you need in your kitchen to lend it that clean and streamlined feel is a few organizers. You will be surprised to discover how efficiently you move around a well-organized kitchen.
  2. Repaint
    Change the color of your kitchen’s walls or even your containers, cabinets and countertop by using the proper type of paint depending on the surface. Choose your color well; colors can greatly affect the mood and atmosphere of an area, so it is essential to pick one that goes with the overall look and feel you’re trying to achieve. While some colors are said to stimulate one’s appetite, an all-white kitchen can give you a fresh start every time you come into your kitchen to start your day.
  3. Eliminate
    Do you want to have a minimalist kitchen design? Have a look around your kitchen and see if there’s anything in there that has not been used for more than a year. It could be taking up precious space that could be used for something else. Take these items and either store, sell, or donate them. And while you’re at it, check your racks, shelves, and pantry for food that has already reached its expiration date.
  4. Re-purpose
    There could be something around your house that can be utilized in your kitchen. Perhaps you can swap that shelf in your bedroom with the one in your kitchen or that row of storage boxes with the containers inside your cupboards. Switching up a few things that you already have in your home can already alter a kitchen’s look.
  5. Add
    You might be eyeing something for your kitchen at your local store for a while now but are hesitant to buy it. It could be something as simple as a stylish clock, table mat, stylish measuring spoons or as big as an entire kitchen island. If you have the money, now’s the perfect time to go out and purchase it. If not, you can create your own masterpieces to decorate your walls or shelves to avoid having to splurge on various artworks. You can also accessorize your kitchen with decorations or accents with matching designs or color to tie the kitchen’s look together.
  6. Lighten up!
    Updating your light fixtures can work wonders for your kitchen. Opt for something classy and modern. You may also choose fixtures with a style that fits your personality. Or go for something with a unique design if you want your kitchen to look drastically different from how it used to be.
  7. Make it personal
    If you are unsure if all the changes you plan to make will suit your taste, you might be better off going for the safer option. That is, incorporate a touch of your personality into every change you make in the kitchen. If you want to go for your favorite color or pattern, feel free to do so. A change in a kitchen’s scent goes a long way, too.


Don’t be afraid to make a change with your kitchen interiors. As long as you are happy with your picks, then you can’t go wrong. Keep in mind that the important thing is for your redecoration to inspire you to pull off your favorite dishes with ease, efficiency, and TLC.


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