Dinner Dash: Cheap, Fast, Feast Ideas

image from: Dahon of Flickr.com

Whether there’s an occasion, a celebration, a milestone, or just because, family dinners are something we all look forward to. A chance to catch up with the latest buzz, an opportunity to make an announcement, and a moment to strengthen the bond, get-togethers are essential to each and every one.

But with the hustles and bustles of everyday life—deadlines, meetings, and what-have-you’s; plus the financial demands of everyday responsibilities, it is as if, planning and making that dream dinner party for your loved ones is impossible. There’s the hassle of finding that perfect restaurant and making reservations, too. Imagine, some of you prefer Japanese food, some Chinese food, some Filipino food, some Italian, what, so what resto shall you have reserved then? Then there’s also the stress of discovering an inexpensive place that fits your budget.

Yes, we all want the best for our family, but sometimes, what’s readily offered out there is not enough (for our taste and budget that is). So what do we do then?

Do not fret! Go grab your pen and papers and let us take you to one fast ride towards the having that dinner bash that’s so easy, affordable, and of course, fun!

Practical-Food-CelebrationPrepare Your Own Food – We know, we know, it takes time with all the planning, shopping, and cooking, but believe us, preparing your own dishes for that dinner date is your first (and best) resort. No, it doesn’t have to be a 10-course meal with steak, and foie grass, and all the other fancy food we can’t even pronounce on that menu. Why not go on a finger food fest instead? Imagine plates and plates of easy-to-make or store-bought Bake Potato Halves, Corn Dogs, French Fries, Ham & Cheese Mini Sandwiches, Chicken Nuggets, Brownies, Cookies, or even ihaw-ihaws! It just takes an amazing presentation and awesome plating to have that seemingly high-end aura on your dinner table. Just be creative—use chopping boards as serving plates, serve various dips in different colors, the sky is the limit! And oh, prepare those toothpicks!

image from: Wikihow.com

Host a Cook Out – What better way to mix banquet and bonding than by ta-da a cookout! Just prepare all the ingredients and let your guests have fun making their own food. You know what makes this idea amusing? Even the simplest dish becomes extra special because of the effort and the entertainment as they prepare it! Have ham, pineapples, tomato sauce, sausages, olives, cheese, mushrooms, pepper strips? Just buy or make a pizza dough, or ready your breads, and have a DIY Pizza Party! Or fill that ground beef with cheese, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, soy sauce, garlic powder, onions, then shape it into a patty, then serve! Bring out the buns, vegetables, sauce, and side dishes such as potato chips. Have fun grilling your own juicy burgers! Or why not have a salad bar? Have grated carrots, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, lettuces, romanes, gelatins, tomato slices, grated cheese, and of course caesar dressing and thousand island dressing ready! With these ideas, you and your loved ones will surely have a blast cooking and chatting the night away. Yep, you get to catch-up as you wait!

Voucher Copy from CashCashPinoy

Buy Vouchers –But if you really have no time to prepare and not much money to spare, the best way to make that dream dinner come true is to buy restaurant vouchers. Online shopping websites offer a variety of restaurants with discounts that range from 30% to even 70%! Some offer group meals, too, perfect for your big happy family!

So what are you waiting for? Yes, we told you so, there are fast, cheap ideas to make that gathering come to life! Nah, time and budget constraints are nothing when you are creative. And oh, always remember, it is not how much you spend during that night, but how you spend the night. Good food is nothing without good company. It is the experience and the entertainment (which will come from you, be a great host! that matters! Enjoy!


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