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6 Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Home Without Pastels

decor-ideas-to-refresh-your-home-without-pastelsGathering fresh ideas to design your home may seem like too much work, especially with the regular changing of seasons. Every year, you will have to follow at least 2 contrasting seasons in designing your home.

Contrary to what you think, redesigning your home with fresh ideas and decors is not really hard – and expensive. All you need is a basic home improvement plan to go with the changing seasons and work from there. Here are 6 décor ideas to refresh your home without pastels.

  1. Plan the Colors
    Wall colors play a huge role for your home’s ambience. More contrasting colors will make the room look active, thus making the room look smaller. Fewer colors will make the room more elegant and spacious. Paint your ceiling white to make the living room height look taller.
  2. Work with the Ceilings
    Ceilings play both roles – a basic necessity for your home and a space that can be used for added decorations. While there’s not much you can hang on the ceiling, light fixtures can do the trick. Choose elegant light fixtures and lightings that can bring out the colors of your wall and furniture.
  3. Design the Walls
    Your walls are your largest canvass for home design and this is where you can discover some DIY home design projects that may actually work for you. You can start with the base and repaint your walls with bold colors or colors that are easy for the eyes.
    You can proceed by adding portraits, paintings or your own art to add color to the wall. Curtains are also a good addition to add accent to your wall color.
  4. Choose the right Furniture
    This is where you will need to work with a theme. Choose the types of furniture that go well with your chosen theme or home color. It would be much easier to choose the types of furniture that can go with any season or can be easily added with designs that can go with the season.
    Couches and coffee tables with modern designs are widely chosen for because of its flexibility to follow home themes. You can also spray paint some of your furniture with new colors to make them look fresh and classy.
  5. Play with small intricate Designs
    Small intricate designs are what really your home design is made for. These can be as small as little figurines to lamps and home decorations that add accent to your home. When choosing additional decorations for your home, always consider if it would follow your chosen theme.
    Marble mirrors and small desks can make the room look classier and more spacious. Small designs are usually the ones that give volume to your home theme, thus it is important that they also complement your home.
  6. Follow a theme for your Rooms
    Your bathroom, your living room and your bedroom furniture should follow a consistent concept with your home theme. To make your home hold that classy and elegant vibe, it would be good to use one theme for the entire house. You may change your home design concepts, but be sure to consider all rooms when you do.

decor-ideas-to-refresh-your-home-without-pastels-2DIY home projects can be exciting and give you a sense of fulfilment for your home. The best thing about it is that you have two options: (1) if you have enough time to spend on intricate decors; or (2) if you are busy, you can buy affordable designs to add elegance to your home. Either way, you can brighten up your home with the changing of seasons and make your home look sweet and comfortable.


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