How is This Possible That Your Printer Can Never Run out of Ink?

LexmarkIn an office environment, we’ve always come to the point wherein we have to print things for specific purposes such as layouts, designs, documents etc. Yes, we’ve all been there. However, just imagine yourself having the material to print – the finishing touches, the colors, the forms and everything then all a sudden the printer spits out dim texts and unwanted yellow lines on the printing paper. It’s just like whooooa! With matching facepalm. Anyone can experience such scenario but it most cases, it’s either the printer has some sort of terminal defect or it runs out of ink. The second one is the most common.

Of course, when this thing happens, you have no other option but to rush yourself to the nearest electronic store to seek out for ink cartridges and pick the one that fits on your unit. Just imagine searching for one suitable ink cartridge in over 100,000 different printer makes on the shelf. The worst thing is that, you forgot to bring the 85 digit number which is supposed to be seen in the memory. What a day and for some unknown reason, the sales clerk can’t recommend anything for you.

Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS)

In an article published by Forbes, it has been stated that it is truly possible that printers could no longer run out of ink. Are you kidding? Of course not! Last January 19, Geekwire shared this technology from Amazon called DRS or Dash Replenishment Service, where printers can automatically order ink by the time it runs out. In fact, some printers from Brother are now compatible in using this kind of technology.

Ink-printerIt sounds like fantasy to many as of this writing but it’s officially real today. Sure you’ll be asking how this technology works. Well, for years of working with printer makes, Amazon have invented this DRS, which can automatically connect to a wide range of sensors and can detect when someone orders ink cartridge based on the default printer setup. Other than Brother Printers, some other brands like August, Oster, Petnet, Samsung, Thync, Obe, Sealed Air, Brita and other cheap printer makes are constantly working with Amazon to adopt such concept.

In conclusion, Amazon Dash Replenishment service eliminates the hassle of seeking out for printer shops in the high streets since ordering ink cartridges is just one push button away. Apart from printers, Amazon also released today that they’ll be copying the technology with its Smart Dishwasher like, Whirlpool washing machine and Purell hand sanitizer.

We’ve been halfway from the robot technology but as we can observe in our environment, everything is made push buttons. What more if we can counted in every materials that run low such as food and other necessities? Or might be our phones becoming the remote control of our life where we can request everything we want to.

In spite of all stuff improved by technology, there is also bunch of disadvantages like when the machine malfunctions or would trigger our laziness every time we are about to do the traditional things we should supposed to be doing,

Article contributed by InkJetSuperStore, a leading provider of cheap printer brands, ink cartridges and office supplies in US & Canada.


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