3 Tips to Help Improve Your Travel Experience

Travel-ExperienceTraveling is a process made up of several activities that seem quite stressful for any individual. From hour-long queueing to getting robbed by scheming locals, any traveler might feel too busy or too tired throughout the entire experience. Aside from that, pre-travel preparations and bookings require a lot of attention and time to arrange.

Nonetheless, traveling in itself is an exciting and enjoyable venture. It literally takes you to places and can lift you to new heights (and lows). It is a double-edged sword that, when handled properly, travelers can use to slay their weariness away.

To handle this sword properly means having the right attitude whenever you travel. Check out the following tips and keep them in mind for your next vacation or business flight.

Prepare and Prepare Well
Hong-Kong-MapAs mentioned, travel preparations require attention and time. It’s always more than just looking for and making a booking at the best hotel and making sure you get everything in your luggage. It also includes gathering knowledge about your destination—reading about their people and culture, knowing key phrases in the local language, and listing down the places you want to visit and how to get there. Of course, don’t forget to make a list of dishes you should try and restaurants to eat at. So, the next time you book your flight, make sure to prepare well way before your travel date.

Show Kindness and Patience
Be kind to the cab driver. Wear a smile when talking to the hotel staff. Show kindness and respect towards the tour guide and the other tourists—they get tired too. Be patient when waiting in long lines. Be patient when you’re stuck in traffic. Be patient when talking to anyone who has difficulty speaking in and understanding English. Haggle with street vendors and hawkers respectfully. Handle stress and frustration patiently. A little kindness and patience will go a long way. Who knows, it may even be returned to you!

Go the touristy route
People always say that when you travel, you should breathe it all in. They say that you should just relax and enjoy the moment.

You should do that
Nikon-CameraIt sounds sentimental, but it’s okay to be sentimental when you travel. Go where other tourists go. Take pictures while making the obvious poses. Select and buy pasalubong for your friends. Bring home a personal souvenir. While you’re away, make a daily social media post about the place you’re visiting. Write down notes and blog about your whole travel adventure. After all, history doesn’t repeat itself. Even if you come back to that place after some time, if ever you can afford to do so, it will be a totally different experience.

As travelers, it’s easy to point out the inconvenience and stress brought about by traveling. Like how it is online, it’s also easy to rant and to express disappointment. However, also as travelers, it doesn’t take too much effort to get excited about discovering new places.

If you’re taking too much time looking at the negative, then you’re definitely missing out. You probably might as well not have traveled at all.


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