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8 Secret Tips for Online Shopping That You Need to Know


If there’s Netflix and Chill, then there should definitely be Online Shop and Chill. Thanks to its convenience, online shopping is no doubt, every shopaholics, workaholics, and busy bodies dream come true. But just as easy as it is to post and exchange information on the World Wide Web, it’s easier, too, for our safety to be compromised.

And just like every other website where you disclose your information, before clicking that button, you must ensure that everything you enter—whether it may be facts about you, credit card details, and more—stays in good hands. Yes, better be safe than say goodbye to money! So, what to do before making that purchase? Here are some tips:

Research: People Trail, Electronic Trail – With the mushrooming of these online shopping websites, finding the shop that you should trust is indeed a challenge. So aside from researching what’s on your shopping list, also do check reviews and read forums regarding your prospect shop. Ask your friends, too, if they know anything or have encountered a viral post, a word-of-mouth about the items being sold, the service, and everything else in between about your new online shopping buddy.

Trust your instincts—If you feel that the site may not be secure, you are probably right. Don’t belittle stuff such as misspellings, grammar, and overall layout—most of the time, those little things are warning signs. If you are not comfortable with the unenticing pictures, crappy words, and excessive questions, click that X button and go to the next site.

Avoid spam emails—Please, if you receive an email form someone you don’t know, never click that link especially if they are asking you to make a purchase. Buying on a site advertised in a spam email is synonymous to giving away your money. Always use a search engine, and again, do your research to find out if that’s a legitimate website.

Check the web address—Always make sure that you are on the correct site by checking the web address. Fake and spoofed websites are rampant nowadays that you won’t notice it for they are flawlessly copied. Even just one wrong character from the web address may lead you somewhere!

Use a credit card or an online payment service—If the site turns out to be fake, no worries as your credit card company will usually reimburse you for the purchase; and in the case of credit card fraud, the law should protect you. Don’t use debit cards as it is more difficult for you to get your money back. If you are not sure if the site is a legitimate seller, paying through banks or convenience stores is also a bit problematic because you never know where your money will go.

Avoid using a public computer to shop online—Computers save or “cache” information. And if you are using a public computer, your browsing history, your login details, and other information may be accessible to strangers who use the computer after you. You don’t want others to be able to access your accounts don’t you? Unsecured wireless network also allows hackers to access your payment information if the network is not protected. So to protect yourself, do all of your online shopping from your secure home computer or from your mobile phone.

Use strong passwords—Don’t underestimate those difficult passwords that they want you to have! Choose passwords that are at least 10 characters long consisting of a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols. Also, don’t set your computer to remember your passwords, credit card number, or any other vital information when you create an account on an online shopping site.

The less they know, the better—Last but not the least, don’t enter information that asks for personal details above and beyond standard requests. For example, you should never have to reveal your Social Security number to an online shopping site.


So go ahead, Online Shop and Chill! Have a safer shopping experience by following these tips. Shop ‘til you drop and don’t let slow that Internet connection ruin your night!


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