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Get Creative This Christmas Season


Prices get more expensive every year and Christmas decorations are no exception. Yes, it gets exciting every time, but wouldn’t it be more practical if old Christmas decors are reused instead of thrown away? Anyway, in this article you’ll be able to get a lot of ideas on how to make-over your old decors.

  1. Bauble ornaments
    Baubles have a lot of possibilities. One idea is to repaint them with vibrant acrylic paint to make them looking new again. Hang them on the window or a Christmas tree. Another idea is to assemble them as a table centerpiece, together with some pine cones and poinsettias.
  2. Recycle Christmas lights
    Assemble old lights to form a big star with comet tails. Secure them on the wall with staples.
  3. Christmas garlands into wreaths
    With a little creativity, these garlands are meant for something better. They can be used as wreath cover-ups by simply wrapping the garland around the wreath for a new metallic look.
  4. Corks as reindeer
    If there are plenty of corks lying around the house, then it is time to make a cork reindeer made out of these indigenous materials. It only needs about three corks and some tassels, eyes, and other materials that will make the reindeer look like one.
  5. Snowflake lanterns from empty jars
    First, choose a snowflake pattern. After that, stick the cut-out snowflakes over the empty jars with some glue. Allow to dry completely. After that, put candles or Christmas lights to make them glow.
  6. Paperback garland
    Cut out book covers into desired shapes and sizes. Tie them altogether to form a garland.
  7. Deer table decorations
    Deer figurines need some glitter to make it look brand new. Apply mod podge all over the figurine and dump it in some glitter to coat. Shake off the excess glitter and allow it to dry completely. This project could be quite messy, so prepare a disposable table cover.
  8. DIY lighted Christmas box
    First, use scrap wood to make a frame for the box. After that, line the inside of the frames with Christmas lights. Cover the sides of the frame with some mesh ribbon to allow light to pass through. Wrap it with scrap ribbon, as you would wrap a present.
  9. Wooden Christmas tree sign
    You need some scrap wood with a smooth surface. It can be repainted with a festive color, based on your preference. But first, draw a Christmas tree at the center while putting tape around the tree. Then, paint the surrounding area of the tree drawing. Then after drying up, write a Christmas message or a song on the tree.
  10. Snowman porch light covers
    This porch light cover can be made using a crocheted bonnet. Put a snowman’s face on it using some black felt buttons, complete with a hat made of metallic Christmas garland.

Christmas garlands into wreaths

These ideas, not only make Christmas even more special, but it also allows you to enjoy some quality time with your family while making these.


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