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Top 10 Kitchen Design Tips For Your Kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of your home because this is where you prepare the meals that would nourish your family and yourself. Here, you heartily prepare food that would sustain the energy of your household. Having a clean, elegant and beautifully arranged kitchen can be an inspiration to cook the best food. Designing your kitchen in a way that would inspire you to cook is not a hard task; you just need to know what and how to arrange it. Here are top 10 kitchen design tips that you can follow.

  1. Choose bold fixtures.
    When choosing your fixtures, such as your faucets and accessories, choose the ones with bold designs. For faucets, the taller and bigger, the better they would look for your modern kitchen. Also, choose faucets and accessories that are flexible and can be moved, to make your work easier and faster.
  2. Maximize kitchen storage.
    Use your kitchen storage efficiently. When rearranging your kitchen appliances, arrange them in a way that you can maximize your space and your kitchen tools are organized neatly.
  3. Mix countertop materials.
    Countertops with uniform materials may look dull and unexciting. If you want to make your kitchen look lively and active, mix your countertop materials. An elegant design would be a granite countertop with a wood-material body.fridge
  4. Friendly fridge.
    Your fridge is like a treasure chest and like any other treasures, the road to it should be creative. Keep your fridge friendly and lively by designing it with magnets and keeping the interior food storage organized.
  5. Space and surface.
    A clean kitchen means the owner takes good care of her home. Maintain cleanliness in your kitchen and keep the surfaces free from any food leftovers or crumbs. Also, your kitchen should always smell good. Ensure that there is proper ventilation so that the smell of cooking or grease does not spread through the whole house.
  6. Lighting.
    Lighting is important because this will allow you to see the color of the food you are cooking, if it is still raw or already cooked. Lighting will also help with seeing the food you are preparing. White light is commonly used and what is advised by designers for the kitchen to resemble a natural light.
  7. Granite.
    Granite counters and countertops have an elegant appearance to a kitchen. Plus, granite is sturdy and can last long. They are easy to clean, which is considerable especially for kitchens where there are tendencies of crumbs and sauces being spilled.
  8. Compact oak kitchen with breakfast bar.
    To maximize the space in your kitchen, use a compact breakfast bar. This will allow you to compress the chairs towards the bar and leave the space around it free for you to move around. Compact breakfast bars are commonly used in modern kitchens.
  9. Portable trolley and storage rails for small kitchens.
    For small kitchens, you may want to opt for portable trolleys to hold your kitchen tools and small appliances. Placing your kitchen materials in portable trolleys will allow you to set them aside for a wider space, and move them closer to you when you need to use them.
  10. Modernized kitchen appliances.
    Modern kitchen appliances are mostly built smaller and consume lesser energy, which means you have more space and your energy consumption becomes less. You can use the best coffee maker for your home and other modern kitchen appliances.

coffe maker

Kitchens have many different uses and many different ways to design them. What’s important is that you arrange your kitchen in a manner where you can maximize its use and storage. As they would say, it is best to be surrounded by inspiration when you are cooking. It is through this that you get to cook your best dishes.


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