Rainy Day Fashion Must-Haves


It might be pouring outside but you can still keep your style hot and trendy with these rainy day fashion must-haves. These will keep you dry while bringing interesting lines and colors to your overall look. Nowadays, you don’t have to look like a drab, shapeless ball while on your way to work or school. Instead, take this season as the opportune time to whip out pieces you can’t otherwise wear during the summer season.

Remember to wear or bring at least one of these this monsoon season because you never know when it’ll start to pour:


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This is the basic must-have. It’s a great investment because you’ll be using this come rain or shine. You’ll find some sassy prints and bold colors when you go on the best online shopping experience. Going for bright pops of color or fun designs will surely brighten up any gloomy forecast.

What to look for when you’re shopping for an umbrella? Quality materials, durable construction, and size. Ask the sales attendant what materials are used, you can start comparing umbrellas based on it then check for loose threads or torn fabric. Foldable umbrellas are ideal so you can stash them inside your bag but golf umbrellas are great when you want more coverage.

Waterproof Outerwear

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A waterproof jacket or raincoat will keep that dress or suit from getting wet. Since we don’t have autumn or winter, this is the only time you can wear that long coat in your closet.

You may be wondering, what’s the difference between water-resistant, water-repellant, and waterproof? Water-resistant has the lowest degree of protection from water, think daily hand washing. Water-repellant is a step up from water-resistant; the device usually has some very thin coating of protection. Waterproof is the most reliable of the three categories and carries an Ingress Protection Code (IP Code) from 0 – 8.


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Nobody wants to get their feet wet because of floods (you never know what that floating brown thing might be) so get yourself a nice pair of tough, reliable boots. Dr. Martens are great for both guys and girls and their classic designs stand the test of time, and the weather. You can also go for cutesy printed rain boots. You can wear these while commuting and pack your heels in your bag. Once at the office, swap one for the other and voila, office chic without dirt and germs underneath your toenails. Combing through Manila deals, you’ll find various choices for height, color, and heel so you’ll definitely spot one that’s just right for your taste.

Flip flops or Rubber Sandals

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We did say that we didn’t like getting our feet wet but oftentimes, we find ourselves wearing flip flops or rubber sandals for their comfort and breathability. And that is just fine in this weather because these easily dry and so does our feet. Rubber sandals are preferred over leather ones because the latter can develop some unsavory smell if they get wet. With online shopping Philippines deals, you can order a pair and have it delivered to your address so you won’t even have to go out and get caught in the rain.


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