4 Essential Korean Beauty Products from Head to Toe


Having the right skin care is quintessential to having youthful-looking, radiant skin. In fact, when your skin is healthy, it has a natural glow that you can go outside and feel confident, even without wearing makeup. You have your tried and tested beauty routines with your favorite products but you might want to try out our suggestions for beauty essentials suited for Asian skin and hair!

For your Head

Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo and Conditioner – Shining

Filipina hair is typically straight so to complement that, give your hair the boost of shine it needs with this set of shampoo and conditioner from Shiseido. This bestselling Japanese brand has come up with this line that infuses each strand of your hair with camellia oil that’s rich in essential fatty acids, natural antioxidants, and vitamins. This results in soft, shiny hair with body so it moves and flows naturally.

For your Face
Prevent early onset of wrinkles and age spots by applying sunscreen every day. For this, we recommend Etude House Sun Prise All Proof Moisturiser SPF 50. It’s got a great consistency – not too runny or too heavy, and spreads easily across the face. It feels light and the white cast is almost invisible. It’s the ideal skin protection against the harmful rays of the sun that can cause premature wrinkles, drying, and sun spots. Shop online and you’ll find this along with bestselling Korean discounted beauty products.

For your Nails
NailsTake this tip for gorgeous nail tips, get nail polish from Innisfree. This Korean brand is one of the most sought-after beauty products Philippines when it comes to nail polish brands. Their colors are opaque even on the first coating and have hard-to-find shades and tints you won’t find anywhere else. Their formula is eco-friendly so you can be sure that aside from looking gorgeous, you’ll also be doing your part in keeping the world a beautiful place.

For your Legs

Beauty-LegsWearing shorts or dresses exposes your legs and if you’re working in an air-conditioned environment the whole day, then your skin will most probably dry out. Keep your skin soft and moisturized with Aveda Calming Body Cleanser one of the best organic beauty products out there. It contains aloe vera, coconut, and avocado extracts that enrich your skin and keep it moisturized. You’ll love your smooth, supple skin that has a light scent once you’re done using this amazing body cleanser.


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