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CashCashPinoy Enhances E-commerce EXP with a unique members-feedback initiative: aka CashCashLAB


Its’ members are now poised to benefit from a host of service enhancements that will transform online shopping as they know today. The country’s number 1 member based e-commerce site recently announced the launch of the “CashCashLAB”, a key initial step in strengthening the company’s member satisfaction-centric experience.

The program, which aims to revolutionize typical customer feedback programs, is composed of company executives and selected members who meet monthly to exchange ideas about improving services for its members. Using this unique platform, CashCashPinoy hopes to encourage greater collaboration between its team and its members to keep on improving the quality of their online shopping experience.

“At CashCashPinoy, we don’t have customers, we have members. And as members, they have the right to expect a special treatment, an additional level of quality experience that they will not get from a typical marketplace for example. Since we started, our members have been the center of our company culture, and delivering a seamless, enjoyable and hassle-free experience to them have been, the heart of everything we do. When we encounter a new challenge, we take that as an opportunity to learn from it, and improve our member experience: the CashCashLAB is the “climax” of our philosophy” said CashCashPinoy CEO, Frederic Levy.


Already, this initiative has produced results to enhance its members’ experience: after the first session of the LAB, the company decided to launch CashCashBack, an exclusive new loyalty program for members which allows them to earn earn points that are equivalent to cash every time they shop, which they can spend later on in the site.


Through the CashCashLAB, another initiative has been triggered, the Cash-On-Delivery (COD) payment option. The 1.7 million CashCashPinoy members could already pay for their purchases through different options from credit card to bitcoin. But addressing members’ requests, CCP now allows payment for orders via COD, as a result of discussions during a CashCashLAB meeting.

Further demonstrating itself as a member-centric company, CashCashPinoy provides a unique a “100% Automatic Refund Authenticity” guarantee, which means a member can return the product and obtain an immediate refund, with NO QUESTION ASKED.

Today, the company reinforced its Quality Assurance system. With its full end-to-end process, CashCashPinoy set up a full checking process: now, every item must pass through the Quality Control team, before going to the buyer. That brings an additional level of re-assurance to our members: unlike other sites which use drop ship or moving goods from the suppliers directly to the customers, CashCashPinoy controls all the products before it arrives in the hands of the final buyer.

“While e-commerce business in the Philippines still poses challenges, the opportunity is massive. We continue to push ourselves just like when we started in 2010 to provide the best possible experience for our members they rightfully deserve. CashCashLAB is a unique experiment in the Philippines start-up industry, and basically, a perfect tool to help us to understand and answer to the future needs of our members” Levy concluded.

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