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How to Declutter and Redecorate Your Condo

Redecorating your condo can be quite entertaining. Yet, when not properly executed, it can leave you having spent a lot on décor but still in the same type of cluttered space you started with.

Photo via IngImage
Photo via IngImage

No matter the property type, decorating can generally be a daunting task. There’s plenty of furniture, appliances, décor, and accessories to choose from, both from physical and online stores, and the variety of choices alone can make any homeowner feel a little overwhelmed.

Add to that the task of deciding which old things to get rid of in an effort to make room for the redecorating of a limited space like a condominium unit, and it’s easy to understand how something fun can easily turn into something stressful. It’s your home, however, and as your place of solitude it’s important that it’s made up in a way that you actually like.

With that, Lamudi Philippines lists some simple ways that will help make redecorating your condo manageable and enjoyable, all without compromising your space’s comfort and livability.

Photo via IngImage
Photo via IngImage

1. Learn to Let Go

Before you even you get started on redecorating you condo, you must first make room for the new implements you’ll be bringing in. If you’ve never redecorated the condo you live in now, chances are a lot of your décor, furniture, and appliances came from your prior home.

Make an inventory of the things you have, and determine which are not suited for your space or have simply seen better days. Let these items go by giving them away to family or friends, or donating or disposing of them. You can also add to your redecorating budget by selling the items, just keep in mind that the main goal is to let them go, so don’t mind selling for cheap.

2. Measure Your Space

For major changes to your space (i.e., getting a new bed or sofa), it’s best to measure the area you have. This is to ensure you get a pieces of furniture and/or appliances that fits your abode and does not upset the overall scheme you have in mind. You might have a nice big sofa, but then you may have no room for a table or additional chairs.

Try to produce a paper template of the bed or sofa you’re considering to buy, and place it in its assigned room to get an idea of how much floor space it may consume. If you can also manage to mimic the height and width, then even better, as it will let you truly gauge the space you are working with.

3. Start with Your Bedroom

Unless you’ve established a large redecorating budget, you’ll likely be making changes to the décor of your condo gradually. The best place to start is the bedroom, since you spend approximately a third of your time in this room when at home.

A good night’s sleep is sacred, so don’t be forced into being economical about it. While a great frame and mattress gets the job done, comfortable sheets and pillows can make your nights more restful. Don’t feel bad about indulging in premium pillows, pillow cases, and sheets. It’s better if they match the high quality of your mattress, and besides, your bed is the room’s centerpiece, so you might as well have it made exactly how you like.

4. Consider Multipurpose and Easy-to-Store Pieces

Space is undoubtedly the biggest consideration to be made when redecorating a condominium. As such, it is paramount to find ways to retain as much space as possible so that comfort and livability is not compromised. For new furniture, it is recommended to get pieces that are easy to store and/or can serve multiple purposes.

Home-ItemsWhile in the past considered boring and merely functional, sofa beds have now come in style thanks to the space saving necessary to condo living. Many types and colors can be seen in furniture stores and online, several of which are significantly more affordable than a traditional couch. These don’t only save space, but also allow you to have a guest spend the night in your modestly sized home.


Folding chairs are great for condos since they are real easy to set aside when not in use, giving you extra space when they’re tucked away. With sleeker designs, they are no longer limited to commercial use. Stick to an ergonomic chair for your home office setup, however, to prevent straining your back as you work.

5. Get Creative with Storage

With living space being the priority, condos are simply not made to provide a significant amount of storage. Luckily, storage solutions are no longer limited to large and heavy cabinets. The alternatives don’t necessarily hold as much items as traditional storage solutions, but are equally effective in keeping your place organized.

TrollyA trolley organizer is an ideal storage solution for a place with limited place like a condo. While still somewhat bulky, its mobility allows for it to be easily relocated within the unit when adjustments in the space are needed.


Be able to store more items san large shelves using a hanging organizer. These can be used in essentially any room of the condo and even placed inside a closet, serving as storage space for a myriad of items. Clean designs and monotone colors make it suitable for most decoration schemes.

6. Sometimes, It’s Just about Lighting

Your condo’s lighting is what will bring attention to how you decorated it, and can also make your space feel larger than it actually is.

LightingBasic changes which many condo owners have found effective is simply switching to the whiter and more energy efficient LED lights from the more “yellow” incandescent lights.


By having a large mirror in any of your condo’s rooms, you make the space seem larger and get more out of your lighting implements. For maximum effect, place the mirror across a window, so it’s in prime position to reflect natural light during the day.

7. Don’t Forget to Have Fun with It

In all likelihood, your current home won’t be your last, and you’ll upgrade a newer and/or larger property later on. So there’s no need for you to feel like you’ll be putting up with every decorating decision for the rest of your life. Granted, it’s a sound financial and environmental decision to invest on base pieces which you can use for a long time and could even find its way to your second or third home. However, things like sheets, pillows, and curtains only last a few years. Same with those towels and table cloths. So have fun and pick the designs and colors you know you’ll enjoy using.

Home-Items-ClockA clock is essential in any type of space, not just a home. While any wall clock can meet the need of telling you time, it is with such pieces that you can let your personality show a little bit. So don’t just settle for any basic clock, and find one with a color or design that is in line with what you find fun. You can do the same for the other basics of your home, like curtains, beddings, tablecloths, or anything else that you’d likely have more than one of.


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