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How Online Shopping makes Life Easier for Filipinos


According to a recent study, time saving could prove a pivotal trigger as consumers opt to shop online over a trip to the department store or mall. And various online shopping website offer deliveries to help consumers with busy schedules.

Manila, Philippines: When it comes to convenience in online shopping, Manila residents has a vast choices (there are shopping sites, discount voucher sites, grocery websites and others). All these online shopping websites, where consumers can choose and buy products online and have them delivered where they are, has been in the market for a few years now and patrons said it has made their lives very easy.

As two groups—millennials and the elderly—also emerged as demographic segments that seem particularly fond of online shopping and home delivery. Millennials are highly tech savvy, while the elderly are less mobile and are in need of the service.


Online Airline Tickets are the top niche in e-commerce
MasterCard’s study found that Filipinos turn to the Internet to purchase the following: Airline tickets (38.4 percent), home appliances and electronic products (35.1 percent), clothing and accessories (31 percent), hotels (29.9 percent) and computer software (29.4 percent).

Meanwhile, sites of apps stores (50.1 percent), music downloads (42.6 percent) and home appliances/electronic products (38.2 percent) draw the most web traffic, the study also showed.

Because its relatively easy and convenient
“Most of the Filipino respondents are satisfied with online shopping, describing it as easy (73.3 percent), convenient (71.9 percent), or fun (64.4 percent), and expressing greater likelihood to purchase in the next six months (79.2 percent). All these figures are improvements from the results of the 2013 study (61.4 percent, 63 percent, 58.2 percent, and 68.2 percent), respectively,” the statement said.

Online purchasing thru mobile phones
The study also found more Filipinos using their mobile phones to purchase items— from 21.4 percent in 2012 to 34 percent in 2014, with 94.2 percent of participants able to access the Internet via smart phones, MasterCard noted, adding that those who purchased via mobile phones did so because they were able to do it “on the go.” Availability of apps that facilitate mobile shopping has also made it more convenient.

“Among mobile shoppers, the top categories for purchases are phone apps (24.7 percent), music downloads (22.7 percent) and clothing and accessories (20.7 percent),” the study said.

Website Security
However, online shoppers have a number of considerations before going ahead and making an online purchase, among them the security of the payment facility (89.7 percent) and the speed of transactions (88.5 percent).

“Before making a purchase, four-fifths consider online reviews,” MasterCard said.

Ethical considerations also come into play, with more than seven in 10 purchasing products “for ethical reasons.”
“Adherence to fair trade principles (77.4 percent), environment-friendliness (76.4 percent), and whether part of the proceeds will go to a good cause (60.8 percent) are the top three ethical considerations in making a purchase,” the study noted.

If you are new to online shopping you can check out our article about: 7 safety points on how to shop online and 5 important guidelines to a successful online purchase.

*The 2014 study is part of the Online Shopping Survey that MasterCard commissions annually. The survey was conducted in 14 Asia Pacific countries with a minimum of 500 respondents per country.

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