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Online Buying Tips: 5 Important things to Look for a Perfect Store


There’s a silent revolution going on with the e-commerce scene in the country today. Aside from the traditional brick and mortar vendors, retailers are now pushing their items online to promote more about their business vs. having print leaflets and physical banners across the street.

With the new generation of local entrepreneurs in an increasingly in the country and flash-sale is part of it.

CashCashPinoy current homepage

E-commerce is thriving in the Philippines, and online shopping is becoming a popular alternative for Pinoys who are hard-pressed for time to shop. Last year the country ranked as the fifth country with the fastest growing online shoppers, contributing to the $34 trillion worth of online trade recorded worldwide. Entrepreneurs considered the country as one of Asia’s preferred online shopping destinations, because online retailers features a vast selection of products, services and travel offers. With there a lot of reasons why consumer are shifting to online shopping (fact that there is a lot of traffic during rush-hour, parking issues in malls during weekends and with huge convenience getting your item without leaving your house) flash sale slightly change the game by having the best deals available online.


And the rise with people who are into using mobile devices everyday, having a mobile-friendly store will initially attracts more potential clients.

However, recently DTI issued a warning on how to spot fraud online retailers:

DTI advised the consumers to be more cautious when shopping online to avoid fraudulent transactions online. To prevent from becoming victims of fraud online shopping websites, consumers must keep in mind the following indicators of a fake website:

  • Products are advertised at very low prices compared to other websites;
  • Online sellers have poor ratings or feedback;
  • Online sellers ask buyers to pay by money transfer direct to their bank account instead of a preferred payment method;
  • Website does not have contact details such as a physical address or telephone number; and
  • Website has little or no information about privacy and terms and conditions of use.

Aside from releasing consumer warning, the DTI is also pushing for amendments to the Consumer Act to enhance consumer protection measures to e-commerce transactions.

“Republic Act 8792 or the E-Commerce Act strengthens the recognition of online transactions as valid legal transactions. Republic Act 10175 or the Cybercrime Act enhances consumer protection by considering illegal acts committed through the internet as crimes punishable by law, whether the person is registered at DTI or the Securities and Exchange Commission or is not registered as a seller,” the DTI said.



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