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Local Online Store Innovations that will Change How You Shop

As technology continuously evolve, shopping is currently on clear transition that aside from physical store going online is also an edge. Back then apps more commonly known as computer programs. But today as smartphones are all over the place, apps and mobile-friendly websites are much important in every retailer as people wants to get the information at the easiest and most comfortable way as possible;


Our shopping habits have changed considerably as technology advanced. Retailers began to embrace online commerce by promoting online buying with new tech terminology such as ‘Online’ deals. When the smartphone was released, perpetual Internet access began to change the way we discovered products and made purchases, among other things. Deal-of-the-day sites hit the scene, and saving money online became easier and actually convenient.

The advancement of online buying is allowing the customers to find better, more useful ways to shop. Today, we don’t have to wait until the next decade to experience the future of shopping. Now that Social, Local, Mobile and Commerce are inter-connected brands now is align with SoLoMoCo as holistic way of selling or marketing products in the digital world.

This means brands must create products and shopping experiences that are highly shareable and create locally targeted offers to consumers anytime, anywhere. Their social, local, and mobile strategies should ultimately lead consumers through the purchase funnel and make a profitable business.

SoLoMoCo has also provided marketers with more touch points to understand their consumers better. They have better listening tools through social media (e.g Social Bakers), while new technology now allows them to keep track of consumers’ purchasing history, preferences, and location (e.g. Google Analytics). Businesses can harness these data points, to build even deeper and more progressive relationships with their loyal consumer base and use predictive technology to acquire new customers through highly-relevant communication. The paradox is that while businesses now have the ability to reach their audience in an increasing number of touch points, consumers have more power than ever over brands. They can control how they are being advertised to.

SoLoMoCo has also democratized marketing in a way. If small businesses can find the right strategy for social, local, and mobile commerce, they can find footing like the mainstream brands that heavily advertise on traditional media. SoLoMoCo does not require as big a budget as traditional marketing, but if they are smart, they can make more impact.

As for features an effective online store, it should have at least this 3 most important points to entice the customers in buying:

  1. By Applying Zoom-in, Carefully Check the Product Details
    Some online shops have a feature wherein a customer can zoom in to get the details of the product that he/she wants to buy. Having it as an option can help a customer to have a preview on what to expect when the package arrived at his doorstep.
  2. In-Stream Payment Ventures (Directly Buying via Social Media)
    Since online shopping continuously upgrading customers can now pay online purchase with a credit card, gift card, Bitcoin or in-store payment (e.g. 7-11 stores) there are a lot of options whatever the customer is convenient.
    With stores are now opening via different social media avenues (e.g. twitter, facebook, pinterest and others) Buy button in social media is somewhat increasing. Already applied in the US market in-stream buying, social shopping may be about to change in the near future.
  3. Mobile Loyalty Programs for Shopping That Fills Your Wallet
    Shopping may not be your cup of tea, but the prospect of cash rewards may help change your mind. An increasing number of incentive programs have come into place to reward shoppers.
    Online Stores in particular have made snatching shopping rewards simpler than ever. Example our website has a “cash back program” that will reward you with points/credit that is equivalent to peso. Promo code also help customers to save more than just the in-store discount.
Twitter plans to enable “buy option” same with other social media network

If you have any other comments, suggestions on what should the article is about. Feel free to comment below and if that is correct I’ll edit this post.


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