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8 Modern House Party Essentials for a Successful Event

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Hosting a house party can be difficult; it includes a lot of work (e.g. getting permission to all the members of the house your parents, brothers/sisters and others). As we aren’t all party planners, we aren’t all the best at making sure all goes well. There are many things that you should do before having people over, like cleaning and organizing house items. We rounded up eight of the must haves before hosting a house party:

  1. Let Your Neighbors Know about the Event
    Inform your neighbours way in advance. A month is ideal, six weeks even better. Pop round, invite them. Bribe them with cake and be honest if it’s going to be late one. If you are within a village/subdivision inform the guards or the home owners association so that you will not be surprise if your neighbors don’t get against you and finish your party.
  2. Disposable Food Containers (Plastic Cups, Spoon, Fork and Paper Plates)
    We all know those cups, utensils and plates are at every house party we have ever gone too, and they really a lifesaver. Whatever the party may be that you are having, you won’t want to start handing out your own house things. You never tell what will happen to them and its aftermath like the leftover dishes are surely a problem!

    Tip: Have a pen handy so that the guest can write their name on their containers. This is also a great way for people to claim their own things after they use it.

  3. Provide Awesome Sound System
    This is pretty self-explanatory. Who wants to go to a house party without music? This will get your guests in a great mood and set the tone for the whole party. If you don’t have a good sound system, there are great docking systems where you can plug your iPhone into. You can also use Bluetooth speakers or amplifier so that your guest can also use their device and play their requested songs.
  4. Create Pre Made Music Play List
    Make sure you already have a play list, this will eliminate the stress of changing the tunes every time a bad song comes on. Saying that, there are great apps, music charts that have pre made song list so you don’t have to sit there for hours downloading the newest songs. You can also have a poll on what genre would be your guest prefer.
  5. Get Photos, Photos and More Photos
    Photo booth is a good way to have your guest initially have a remembrance that they went to your event. Aside that you can grab a bunch of throwaway cameras, place them around the dining/living room or around your house (pool area, garage or at the veranda) for your guests to take some candid shots. When you are hosting a party, you don’t have a lot of time to visit each person so this is a great way to see what really goes down.
  6. For Booze: Have Coolers Packed with Ice
    Aside from all the fun details, this is pretty necessary. You need somewhere for your guests to put their drinks and usually your fridge do not have the capacity to hold all of it. Try to have a couple coolers around where your guests can place their drinks, or simply ask them to bring their own.

    Tip: Your Bathtub is a giant cooler you can pour a lot of ice and drinks on it.

  7. Provide Finger Foods
    If you are having a smaller get together, you should always have some sort of finger food. There are great pre made boxes at the grocery store for cheap snacks, or you can simple look online for some easy to make fast finger foods. With everything to do before the party, you want everything to move fast! Try having some friends over beforehand to help with the making of the food.
  8. Light up the venue
    Lighting, is really really important. The usual house items like overhead lights can be a bit ‘corporate’. From lamps, candles and decorative lighting, looks like you’ve made more of an effort.

Also if you can try not to drink nor eat until ALL your guests are arrived (as host you have a responsibility to wait for your guest but take note just until reasonable amount of time, to let them know that you are expecting them before you officially start the party).

Optional for some parts of the house:

  • For Garden:
    If you have a garden, put a few fleece blankets out there so that those seeking some quiet chat time will be snuggled.
  • For Swimming Pool:
    Add a towel, or inform your guest that they can bring their swim wear if they prefer to have a fun time at your pool;
  • For Bedrooms:
    For obvious reasons put a giant ‘NO ENTRY’ sign on all of them.
  • For House Pets:
    Depending on your pet be responsible to have a separate area where they are not disturbed. As much as possible don’t let your guest put stress on them.

Hosting a party is no joke and has a lot of work and responsibility. You can check out the video below by House-Kissed about their way of having a house party. If you have any other comments or additional tips on how to have a fun house party feel free to comment below.


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