7 Questions about the Wedding Tradition: That you’re not aware of

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As time goes, wedding tradition is almost the same (from dresses to ceremony venues and others). But before we dig deeper on understanding the tradition you may also find it interesting to get the idea why wedding is always a sacred ceremony as it can be:

Why Every Women Dreams to be a June Bride?


June is considered to be one of the most popular months to get married simply because summer heat is over. Kidding aside, according to history June Bride started from the ancient times where the Pagan Goddess “Juno” and Jupiter were married and was referred to as the goddess of Marriage and is known belief that marrying on this month means blessings and prosperity for the couple. Unlike, May that is known as the month of the “unhappy dead” for the Romans;

Why Bridesmaid Gown is completely uniformed?

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It was common belief that the reason why all wedding gowns look similar, is for the couple to avoid evil spirits. In ancient Rome, 10 witnesses are required to have identical wedding gowns to make a wedding ceremony legal, this is being done so as to confuse any evil spirits that wants to disrupt the ceremony. Today, this practice is already forgotten, instead weddings are held in churches, gardens and function rooms. The bride’s gown is somewhat different from her bridesmaid to simply identify her from the crowd.

What Symbolizes Engagement Ring?

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The ancient Greeks started all this thread and are known for their arts and scientific breakthroughs (but Credits to the Egyptians of inventing it). It is believed that the 3rd finger of the left contains a vein that runs directly to the heart and because the heart is synonymous with love, the love toxic Greeks never hesitated to place the ring/band on the 3rd finger on the left hand which is closer also to the heart than the right hand. Today, more women prefer to have a non-traditional engagement ring.

Who started to use Wedding Ring?


Before, there was only the engagement ring, but Pope Innocent III in the 13th century instituted that after an engagement between a man and a woman, a waiting period should be set before the actual wedding ceremony to test their love and affection for the future couple. Pope Innocent then required wedding ring as a symbol for the actual wedding ceremony as a seal the unity between the two.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake?

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Wedding cakes have been a part of marriage ceremonies since medieval times. In Rome, the first wedding cakes were actually loaves of wheat bread. During the ceremony, the bread was broken over the bride’s head as a blessing for long life and many children. Guests often ate the crumbs as a sign of good luck. Over time, a variant of this custom evolved into the forerunner of the contemporary tiered cake that is widely used today. In medieval England, wedding guests brought small cakes to the ceremony as a gift for the newlyweds. The cakes were stacked in a pile, as high as possible, to make it difficult for the newlyweds to kiss one another over the top. If the bride and groom were able to kiss over the tall stack, it was thought to symbolize a lifetime of prosperity. Eventually, the idea of stacking them neatly and frosting them together was adopted as a more convenient option. Although wedding cakes were once white inside and out, there are few rules about how they look today. Contemporary cakes can be any color, flavor or shape. Here in Manila, there are a lot of bakeries and cake shops that you can check-out that can suit your taste.

Where to get the Right Wedding Flowers?

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Before the use of flowers in the bridal bouquet, women carried aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs, and grains to drive evil spirits away as they walked down the aisle. Over time, these were replaced with flowers, symbolizing fertility and everlasting love. Specific flowers have special meanings in many cultures. In Hawaii, the bride and groom wear leis; newlyweds in India don floral headdresses. Research around net on what do type of flowers to you both prefer and go to Dangwa to have a benchmark price on how much it would actually cost.

Why Ringbearer and Flower Girl are important?

ring-bearerWay back from the Roman Era, Ringbearer typically a 4-10 years old boy, he carries the wedding ring to be use in the ceremony. While flower girl spread the flowers on the wedding aisle, as the flower girl is typically a young girl, she may symbolize the bride as a child in her innocence. She may also symbolize wishes for fertility for the couple and the forming of their new family.


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