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Online Shopping Secrets that Every Consumer Must Know


The birth of online shopping was a huge milestone in consumer’s perspective, with key shopping items only a short click away with mind-blowing low price. From 2006’s Digital Marketplace Birth of Their success gave birth to Forum Marketplace Sites (PinoyExchange), Social Networking Shop (e.g. Multiply) to E-commerce flash sale platform, thanks revolving technology and to the internet giving a continuous growth to Small-Medium Entrepreneur (SMEs) to jump on the bandwagon of online selling.

As discussed in the our previous article – There is no secret that if you want to get the best price on an airline ticket, the magic number for a domestic fare is to book 47 days in advance. While, if you’re planning on taking a trip to other international destinations, book 90 days ahead (Plus, the fact that you can save more money by booking on a Tuesdays).

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Also, a survey recently released by StarTrack, reveals the top six things Aussie point of view (that many prefer to as shopper secrets) when it comes to shopping online. After all, online shopping is the best way to buy what you want, when you want it, without anyone knowing but you.

  1. More than one in four of us confess to shopping online at work;
  2. 3% of people admit to calling in sick or working from home to sign for online shopping deliveries;
  3. 24% of people have tried an item on in-store with the intention of buying it online later;
  4. 86% of people rely on online retailers to buy items that they are too embarrassed to purchase in-store (e.g. underwear, hair removal cream, personal hygiene products, action figures e.t.c.);
  5. The majority of people shop online up to twice a day, 13% of shoppers can’t resist browsing online stores 3–4 times a day, or the equivalent of 4.6 hours a week; and
  6. Three-quarters of consumer spent up to $300 per month or $3,600 per year – the equivalent of an international holiday;

Currently in our country, we see ads on TV, print and here in the internet giving public announcement that we can now do mobile transactions like banking and payment using our own smartphones.


With online shopping competition is currently heating up and consumers are feed with benefits. Making shopping sites prices inadvertently vary; here are some tips on how we can help you gain a confidence on your 1st online shopping purchase:

  • If you’re unsure about a new website, avoid paying by debit or credit card. Instead, choose the cash on delivery option to be on the safe side;
  • Before purchasing any item, it is always a smart idea to go through the exchange and returns policy so that you aren’t stuck with something you don’t want or something of an inferior quality. Go through the conditions of exchange properly. There are some items that can’t be returned or exchanged, no matter what.


  • Sign up for newsletters on shopping websites. Being a member is always given something ‘extra’ for signing up. This can be discount vouchers, redeemable points or even prior information about a blowout sale.
  • A lot of shopping websites now have ‘special sale days‘ where many items are sold at whopping discounts. Once you know the dates of the sale, make a list of the items you want so that you don’t waste time browsing for them later. Once sale time begins (usually 12 midnight), quickly buy your items before they get sold out or the server crashes.
  • Unsure about a particular item? Read the product reviews via Google. That should give you a fair idea of whether it is worth buying or not.

With the tips on how to maximize online shopping, the question is: are Pinoys are ready to try the online shopping experience? How e-commerce platform like our service (and alike) do to convince consumer to have a confidence purchasing item using their phones or computer in general? For us, the answer is still we are on the process.

If you have other thoughts about e-commerce in the Philippine setting you can comment it below as we are eagerly to know more about it.


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