6 Ways to Save Money on Summer Vacation

Cabo-San-Lucas-Vacation With hot temperatures this makes people pondering five words: enjoy and relax summer vacation. While your trip is already near, now is the time to figure out how to maximize it. Whether you are looking to spend a week at an island hideaway or stay in a penthouse in the heart of the city, summer vacation expenses add up. Here are five ways you can save money, before you even book the trip.

Save on Gas: Take a One-Tank Trip

Explore-que-nacióInstead of hopping in the car to drive all day, plan out a one-tank mini-trip. You’ll still feel like you’re getting away, and there are probably some awesome nearby attractions that you’ve been meaning to get to for ages — now’s the time! You can drive inside Intramuros, Seaside Boulevard in MOA and Roxas Boulevard.

Do your Online Research

Compare and contrast to increase your saved money on your vacation. From holiday weekends to tourist hot spots, planning a low-cost summer vacation requires knowing what your wallet should avoid — and when. As much as possible be flexible, if you don’t have your heart set on one particular place, you can look at different destinations to see what can be most affordable. Also, leaving a day before or a day after your original itinerary can provide cost-saving opportunities.

Get down with the Discount

From hotels to airlines to gas stations, travelers can find additional saving opportunities for summer vacation through a wide range of customer loyalty programs and online vouchers.

Save When You Fly

With surcharges on everything from food to luggage, flying isn’t cheap these days. Here’s how to save where you can: For flight food and headsets, it may be worth it to spring for a compact multimedia player rather than buying the airline’s earphones and paying to use the onboard entertainment systems.

For Flight Booking Buying tickets especially on during the holiday rush might cost more vs. off season booking.

Advance booking vs last-minute deals If you are travelling abroad, especially in peak season and with kids, it’s best to book at least 3-4 months in advance because that’s when you get the lowest prices. For domestic travel, book at least 30-45 days in advance because prices will increase as you approach the due date.

Online Aggregators vs Airlines Online Travel Aggregators (OTAs) are the best place to compare and zero in on the cheapest quotes because the latest airline discounts also figure here. In fact, it’s the starting point for most travellers these days instead of contacting tour operators or travel agents.

From lower airfare to less-expensive hotel rates, traveling on different days of the week can result in big price differences. With an assortment of travel websites, travelers can search to determine which days and destinations fit into their price range. However, if you are a cautions traveler who is against spending too much time researching to save a few pesos. You might end up spending more than saving less.

Purchasing a loyalty card from your favorite establishment

With the right rewards program, either from your favorite restaurant, grocery, movie house, gas station and others your current spending can help you save money using loyalty cards for future redeem.

Get discount from your email

Become a member of private membership deal sites and sign up for travel newsletters and alerts. You can end up saving time and money by hearing immediately when a destination you know you’re interested in goes on sale. With the fact that many consumers already receive hundreds of emails each day, signing up for more messages can lead to a less-expensive summer vacation. Cabo-San-Lucas-Vacation2 Outside of hotel discounts, your email address can serve as the destination for savings on daily activities, meals and other, shopping items, leisure and entertainment options on your vacation.

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