7 Timeless Gifts for Boys and Girls


Most often, planning a kid’s birthday party is a easier compared to tracking down the perfect present. Parents often want to give their children something special they’ll enjoy for a long time to come, rather than a trendy gift. Party guests may also stress over selecting a gift the birthday kid doesn’t already own and that will elicit a happy response. When strolling through the internet shopping sites in search of the present, perhaps go for something classic. Think twice for the trendy toys and pop characters, there are plenty of timeless kids’ stuff that never goes out of style. Read on the following seven gift ideas that appeal to both boys and girls of all ages and are guaranteed to please.


Boys and girls alike enjoy playing games. If the birthday guest of honor is a video game fanatic, you may want to check out popular electronic games. Don’t be afraid of sticking to the basics of marbles, checkers and chess, either. Multigame sets with boards and pieces for a variety of games are entertaining as well. Simple card games, such as Monopoly and Chess, are easy for kids to carry around and play on the go. Rule of thumb, if a game looks overly complicated, time-consuming or chock full of small (read: easy to lose) pieces, you may think twice before giving it as a present.

Toys with Wheels

Parents having a hard time thinking of an appropriate birthday gift for a son or daughter may be wise to remember wheel appeal. Boys and girls adore toys that roll — especially when they’re riding on them.


A toddler may be ready for his or her first tricycle. A few years later, he or she can graduate from three wheels to two (or four, if you count training wheels). In your kids feel happy about playing with bikes, consider roller skates, rollerblades or skateboards. Just don’t forget the obligation of wearing helmets and padding that should come with bikes and skates. Keep in mind that the celebrant must have fun at the same time also stay safe.


A bicycle has been a rite of passage for generations of children. But some kids have never had the opportunity to ride a bike. If the child in your life is five or older, it might be time to consider getting them a bike.

Learning to ride a bike helps a kid to improve their balance and motor skills. It can be a great way to teach a child about safety and responsibility. It is also a good gift for the whole family. Everyone can enjoy a peaceful afternoon bike ride.

Just don’t forget the obligatory helmets and padding that should come with bikes.

Art Supplies


Kids appreciate being creative (using crayons, pencils in paper as initial items). Not every kid grow up to be artist, but arts and crafts are a beloved childhood pastime. Drawing and coloring are the perfect boredom solutions, and at the same time parents treasure their child’s creative development. For that reason, if you’re stumped on a present, art supplies are a solid choice. Younger children will be satisfied with a pack of jumbo crayons and a coloring book. Tweens might like a more elaborate marker set or watercolor kit. Or you can make your own gift grab bag filled with various artsy items. Some potential additions include: sketchbooks, stickers, glitter pens, construction paper, colored pencils, sidewalk chalk, glue sticks, modeling clay and paint-by-numbers sets.

Building Blocks

While items like Lego make great gifts, one creative toy that sometimes gets overlooked is building blocks. A simple set of building blocks can provide hours or entertainment for your child and get their imagination going.


For younger kids a lightweight building set made of foam or lighter materials may be the best bet. As the kids gets older a classic wooden block set will allow them to build, create, knock down, and build again.

Building blocks are a basic gift that can be added to over the years to create castles or cities. Building with blocks encourages children to plan, design and implement. It also helps sharpen their motor skills.

Animal Instincts

Just like every kid develops a favorite color at some point, he or she probably picks up a preferred animal along the way as well. Tapping into that animal instinct is an easy way to figure out the ideal birthday present. Younger children may take a cue from the family pet, which probably means picking up a dog- or cat-themed book or toy. Online stores and toy outlets usually carry bags of miniature farm animals, sea creatures or dinosaurs, which can be a hit. If an older kid is fond of a particular animal, a poster, set of stickers, notebook or T-shirt bearing its image can fit the bill. Last but not least, stuffed animals are also delightful gifts that kids keep around for years.

Science Kit

science-kitThere are all kinds of science kits out there to help kids explore everything from geology to electricity. A kids’ science kit usually comes with everything you need to conduct your experiment.

Science kits are great for kids who enjoy hands on activities and are very visual. They are a great way to reinforce concepts that they are learning in their classes at school in a friendly and approachable way.

When choosing a science kit for your kid, consider their interests, attention span and age. Some experiments are relatively simple and some involve multiple steps or days or weeks to see results.

Observing Ant Farm

This classic gift has the dual benefit of combining fun with learning. An ant farm can teach a kid about science, insects, life cycles and the amazing ways that nature works.


Most ant farms come with a kit in a box. The kid will then need to send a certificate to receive the starter ants for their farm. This gift is best if a guardian is willing to help the child set up and maintain the ant farm. It will also need to be kept out of reach of young children or curious pets.

Your kid will think of you all year long as they are enjoying watching and learning. Consider also purchasing a book on ants or ant life cycles at an age appropriate reading level. National Geographic has some good, kid-friendly books on a variety of science topics.


kids-booksBooks are the ultimate timeless gifts for boys and girls. They can open up new, imaginative worlds and create lifelong memories for the readers. From the first birthday onward, books serve as appropriate, affordable and gratifying presents. Think about the titles that meant the most to you as a kid and maybe select one of those to share.

Like games, books can also have an educational element to help build essential learning skills. If you’re picking out a book for someone else’s child, feel free to ask about any special interests the kid has and go from there. After all, one boy might have more fun flipping through a big book on fire trucks while another might be crazy about insect’s info and pictures. Preteens may be interested in particular book series, such as Harry Potter, that you can take into account while shopping.

And for a special birthday touch, write a note on the inside cover for books, theme gift wraps to commemorate the occasion. If you have any other ideals gifts for young kids, freely comment below.


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