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8 Most Popular Filipino Summer Merienda for Kids


When kids are on school break, they always wanted feel refresh especially during afternoon merienda (assuming that they are not sleeping). During this period kids usually play with their friends, whether it’s indoor or outdoor they want to eat something during merienda. Here I gather the most common cold drinks that can revitalize them and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.


image credit: Wikipedia.org

Halo-halo got its name from the word local word halo, which means “mix.”
To make halo-halo, mix shaved ice; sugar; varied sweetened fruits like beans, garbanzos, sugar palm fruit, sweet potato, silky coconut, banana-like plantain, corn, mung beans, and jackfruit; and other ingredients like coconut gelatin, agar-agar gelatin, and tapioca pearls. Lastly, topped it off with leche flan, haleya ube, sorbetes, pounded crushed young rice, and evaporated milk.
Be sure you Halo-halo is usually served in tall glasses or large bowls.

Home-made Snow Cones

image credit: Wikipedia.org

Snow cones are brimming with cool flavors and a satisfying crunch. It’s easy to prepare just crushed some ice and add flavoring syrup.

Ice Cream

image credit: Wikipedia.org

When you asked your kids “what is your favorite food to eat during merienda?” a common answer would be “Ice cream”. Being is one of the most popular meryenda food to eat of all time. Ice cream evolved its flavor, putting it as one of the food that has an abundant of choices. For flavors you can choose from fruits, chocolate, other Pinoy dessert (ube, mais con yelo, halo-halo and more). And if your kids have different taste in ice cream you can buy an ice cream that has a mix combination flavors (Same with its serving options).

Fresh Fruit
Feasting on sun-kissed fruits served at their peak of freshness is one of the perks of summer dining. You may love chilled half crescents of watermelon, pineapple, banana split, chocolate strawberries (from baguio). At the same time you can also create fruit shakes.

Corn on the Cob
Glistening, sweet and fresh, corn on the cob is a side dish worthy of its place on a paper plate. It’s easy to prepare, and for my personal taste you can buy sweet corn in Tagaytay area. You can also buy them at your suking tindero.


Popularly peddled in the street of the Philippines is the Filipino dessert sorbetes, the Philippine adaptation of the world-popular ice cream. Unlike most ice creams, however, sorbetes is made from local coconut milk and not the usual cow’s or animal’s milk.

Sorbetes comes in different flavors – mango, cheese, chocolate, ube or purple yam, and strawberry – and colors – yellow, brown, violet, and pink.
It is served in wafer or sugar cones, cups and even in bread buns (making it ice cream sandwich).

Ice Cream Soda


Originally from Rootbear Float, Kids usually love this fast food drink because you can zip with their favorite softdrink with a scoop of ice cream on top.

Mais/Banana Con Yelo
“Con” meaning “with”, one of the common cold drink because it is easy to create (it is a mix of shaved ice, corn kernels, sugar and milk).

If you have any suggestion on what cold Pinoy food that kids love to take during merienda, you can leave it on the comment box. Thanks.


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