7 Points to Consider for Outdoor Summer Wedding


For brides who aren’t put off by a little bit of extra heat and humidity, summertime is the perfect season to have a beautiful wedding. Out-of-town guests appreciate summer nuptials because their kids are out of school and bosses are often more lenient with vacation time. Top it off with radiant sunshine and clear, blue skies, and you’ve got the perfect backdrop for wedding pictures. However, the downside is entirely likely that a hot humidity will be in full effect during your wedding.

With weather-related inconveniences being a serious concern, it might seem surprising that so many brides opt for a summer ceremony. According to The Knot, 34.5 percent of all weddings take place in June, July or August, making these months the second, fourth and third most popular for weddings. Love the sunshine, hate the pit stains? There are many creative and cost-effective options to ensure comfort on your big day.

Take the Celebration Indoors

I know this one seems like a no-brainer, but it still needs to be said. If excessive heat is a concern, you should rethink the outdoor ceremony and reception in the name of heatstroke. Also think of the kids and your elder guest, always think that making them comfortable and can avoid accidents.

Provide Props and Accessories to Everyone

If you have already decided to set on an outdoor ceremony, consider providing guests with a provision or two to make the heat of the day a little more bearable. You can give them shades and hand fans to your every guest. You can also add a back-up canopies/tent that can immediately cover your guest when sudden heat increased.

Giving them Sunscreen Lather Up

Obviously, if your outdoor nuptials take place late in the day, the sun will be well past its peak damage potential. However, if you plan to wed anytime in the morning or afternoon, you might do your guests and their skin a favor by providing sunscreen to slather on as needed.

Be sure to give them a nice variety to choose from, particularly options that are designed for children, babies and people with sensitive skin. The spray-on versions are more expensive than traditional lotions, but they go on much more easily and quickly. Just make sure that the cake and other food is placed a safe distance away.

Always Keep Your Guest Hydrated

Before you even ask, beer and wine don’t count toward keeping you hydrated. If your outdoor wedding day is forecasted to be a scorcher, be sure to supply extra bottles of water, juices and other hydrating beverages to keep your guests in tip-top condition. You want guests to remember your wedding as a magical day — not the day they feel uncomfortable and unease.

Dress Code: Lighten Up!

It’s fine if you’re a traditional bride at heart and you want your guests in their formal wear best. But if you’re a summer bride getting married in a garden at noon, rethink your attire expectations.

Address wardrobe options via an invitation insert. You can choose your own wording, but you might say something clever like “Stiflingly hot jackets and ties forbidden!” or “Lightweight clothing advised.” In my humble opinion, I think people will be so grateful for this reprieve that you’ll benefit exponentially in terms of the quality of gifts. As an added bonus, fewer people will duck out early to shed their sweat-drenched attire.

Choose Makeup Carefully

Well, liquid makeup has tends to melt if you leave it out in the sun more than a couple of minutes. To that end, steer away from any liquid eyeliners, foundations or blushes. Instead, pick the powdered or crayon versions to ensure that your makeup stays put from start to finish. In fact, consider applying a primer to help everything stay put. Above all else, top off your look with waterproof mascara. A few tears or sweat droplets are all it takes to turn you from a radiant bride into a rabid raccoon.

Give the Groomsmen a Break

It hardly seems fair that the women in your wedding party are going to be outfitted in lightweight, strapless gowns while the groomsmen will be sweating it out in tuxes. Consider relaxing the wardrobe requirements for your groomsmen if your venue is casual enough to allow a more chilled-out look.

Optional things to help your guest celebrate outdoor weddings


Add Cold Desserts like Ice Cream and Frosty

I’m sure you have a delectable spread of beef tenderloin, martini glass mashed potatoes and other assorted side items selected for your reception. Although delicious, all that heavy fare will probably make the heat seem that much more oppressive. If you want to be the “coolest” bride around (get it?), offer your guests a light treat that’ll be sure to lower their core body temperatures. Whether you rent a snow cone machine or set up an ice cream bar, providing a chilly childhood treat will make your guests love you even more than they already do!

Setting-up Spritzing Stations

A little bit of mist goes a long way toward helping people cool off. If heat is a major concern, provide small spray bottles filled with water that the guests can use to spritz themselves. If you have a little extra room in your budget, you can consider renting mist sprayers for guests to wander in and out of when the heat gets to be too much to handle.

Here is one beach wedding that you can look forward to: Sotto and Hermosa nuptial.


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