Wet and Wild: The Perfect Beach Party


As the summer season is fast approaching, the beach is where you would want to be. Summer is all about the sun, the sand and the waves. Hanging out by the shore with your best girl friends wearing your best bikinis or just strolling along the beach are just some of the ideal picture of summer. But what better way to spice up and enjoy your summer than throwing a beach party. Beach parties are the perfect way to celebrate summer. It’s a great way to have all your friends together to hang out in the sun, swim and have fun.

Planning the perfect beach party is never easy (Planning any party is never easy).

But here are some tips to help you in creating your very own beach party.


  1. Venue – Beach parties are held, of course, by the beach. Choose the location wisely. Find the perfect beach and the perfect spot for your party. Make sure that you comply with the rules of the beach regarding the rest of your party.
  2. Theme – Parties are not complete without a theme. Decide upon a theme. There are a hundred different themes to choose from. Some ideas that best fit the location are Hawaiian Luau or Surfing.
  3. Decorations – Don’t go spending a lot of your budget on decorations. Stick with your theme. But tiki torches, camp fire and beach balls will never go out of place.
  4. Music – Music is one of your best source of entertainment. You don’t want to end up having a quiet and boring party. If you have a large budget, you can always hire a DJ. But if you have a small budget, thanks to MP3 players having music at the beach will be easy. Just pair it up with your loudest speaker and your party is ready to go.beach-party-drinks
  5. Food – Plan your menu according to your theme. If you’re going for a Hawaiian Luau theme grilled barbecues, skewers and tropical fruits will never go out of place.
  6. Beverage – One stapled drink that should always be in any party is water. You don’t want your guests to end up dehydrated. But for more choices you can always have the option of serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. For non-alcoholic drinks, some examples would be tropical flavored juices. While for the alcoholic drinks, you can never go wrong with cocktails. You can also hire a mobile bar, if you have enough budget.
  7. Entertainment – Your playlist is enough entertainment, alright. But not everyone wants to hit the dance floor. Beach volleyball is also a great way to keep your guests entertained.beach-party2
  8. Guests – What’s a party without your guests, right? Invite your family and friends. Keep the guests within your closest friends, family and relatives. You don’t want any party crashers on your party.
  9. Relax and Enjoy – No party host wants to stress themselves and run bothering about the details while their guests are having a good time. Relax and enjoy with your guests. Prepare, plan and finalize everything before the party started.

You can always put your own little twist and touch with every party. Just enjoy yourselves with the comfort of your family and friends around you. Just follow this few simple steps and your party will surely be a hit, ensuring you’ll have a summer to remember.


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