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CashCashPinoy Adds New Cash On Delivery Service

CashCashPinoy - Cash on Delivery

Manila, February 16, 2014 – CashCashPinoy has just made shopping online much more convenient by introducing the new Cash On Delivery (COD) service.

CashCashPinoy, the leading private online shopping club in the Philippines now offers Cash On Delivery service which lets customers pay in cash without having to go to the bank or the store. CashCashPinoy’s introduction of this new service adds to the many payment options that are available to Pinoy consumers on the website. Online shoppers have the option to pay for the many fantastic deals on products and services on CashCashPinoy with a credit card and through bank deposit. Shoppers also have the option to pay through the nearest 7-11 store, SM Deposit, and even through their cellphone with the help of Globe G-Cash or SMART Money.

The Cash on Delivery service is a great option for anyone who wants the convenience of having the items they purchase on CashCashPinoy delivered right to their doorstep. It’s also a great option for those who don’t have a credit card. CashCashPinoy agents can deliver to any location in Metro Manila.

How CashCashPinoy’s New Cash On Delivery Option Works

The Cash On Delivery option is available as a payment option on the many deals found on CashCashPinoy. After completing the purchase transaction, an agent will pick up the payment and deliver the goods or voucher within 2 to 3 days in Metro Manila.

Products with a 3-day shipping delivery will be turned over to customers after the payment is made to CashCashPinoy’s collection agent. Vouchers for restaurants, spa & salon, lifestyle, and travel deals will also be turned over to customers once the authorized CashCashPinoy collection agent has received the payment.

Online Shopping Now Made Easy With CashCashPinoy

The introduction of this new payment option is in line with CashCashPinoy’s commitment to provide Filipinos with an amazing online purchase experience. Adding this payment option lets more consumers take advantage of the many fantastic deals that are available on the site that include fashionable clothes and accessories, cutting-edge consumer electronic items like smartphones and digital cameras, and even travel deals to some of the most sought-after vacation destinations not just here in the Philippines but also overseas.

Furthermore, the new Cash on Delivery service solves two of the main concerns of online shoppers in Southeast Asia, namely product and payment fraud. Cash on Delivery is said to make up to 70 percent of the online orders in Southeast Asia. Order cancellation rates are also much less for goods and services ordered through Cash on Delivery compared to those paid through bank, over the counter, and bank transfers.

Providing Pinoys with an amazing online purchase experience doesn’t end with just providing consumers with a wide array of payment options. It also includes excellent customer service. To this end, CashCashPinoy has provided several avenues for customers to get in touch with them for assistance. Customers can easily get in touch with CashCashPinoy through email or live chat for any question that they may have about any product or service that are available on the site.

CashCashPinoy pioneered the private online shopping club in the Philippines ahead of both international and local players and now has over 120 employees.

The company offers its 1.5 million members not only the most sought after designer brand accessories, beauty, home décor products, but also travel and unique activities at up to 80% off retail. Offers are proposed in the context of a maximum of 10 days, first come, first served, limited quantity events. Members can expect up to 20 new events each day.

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