Single this Valentine’s? Here are 5 last-Minute Date Ideas and Moving-on Tips Just For You

Valentine’s day is just coming in just 2 days and in case you’re single and looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day date, here’s a few spots where you can meet other people, without looking too desperate.

Book Stores

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Fully booked and Powerbooks usually has the one of the best ambiance for book lovers, if you just want to chill out and read some books, there are some reading section that you can you can even seat on the floor. And if you can’t find a date with the same interest as yours, at least you read some books for yourself.


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There are a lot of museums here in Manila that you can visit. With same approach as for bars, you can catch a date if you can make some flirty eye contact with other visitors. Both Ayala Museum and Yuchengco Museum are quite good museum because it is inside the business district and there are many good places you can take out your girl after.

If you are too intimidated to ask someone out on romantic, candle lit dinner date? Why not try the old “let’s grab a coffee” routine and head to a cafeteria. And if you get a date, don’t forget to enjoy a special pairings menu for your #cafeteriadate.

Your item for meet up
Got some old things that is just lying around? Why not swap it (and maybe your number) or sell it with other people. It is a one way to talk to other people who will possibly has the same interest as yours.

Spend time in a Park
You can bring your Remote control car, your favorite dog, kite flying or just read a book under a tree. There are a lot of people in the park that can be your date.

And if you can’t move on from your ex for the coming special day you can do this activities to help you not to think of her during the special day:

Shred her pictures
You can print out some photos of your ex, take them down to a pier, rip them in pieces and scatter them in the Bay.

Join a marathon, a long bike or drive away by yourself to long places to have a fresh air. If you’re the athletic type, and especially if you’re newly single, this could do you good. Just take the example of this


sofitelNow it’s your time to explore other cuisine, you can try out international buffet restaurants and enjoy food with yourself or you can bring a friend, and you aren’t likely to be faced with roomfuls of happy/pretend-happy couples doing their V-Day due diligence before going home to have routine, joyless sex.

Take a movie and Cry
Go hide out at the movies and cry. It’s a good night for movies, and you surely have a friend who can go with you if you prefer not going to the movies by yourself. A perfect movie for it would be the: Cinemaone’s Original movie “That Thing Called Tadhana”


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