14 Practical Valentine’s Date Ideas in Manila

couple date

As we near the 14th of the love month, do you know where you’ll be taking your date this Valentine’s Day? Maybe you’re thinking of dining out at that fancy restaurant you’ve both been dying to try. Sounds like a safe bet, until you realize the menu is a four course meal and the wine pairing almost doubles your final bill. Valentine’s Day can be stressful enough without having to worry about whether the cost of a night on the town will drain your bank account. To help you out, here are 14 practical date ideas that you surely both enjoy.

  1. Watch a YouTube Cooking Class

    Foodies can show off their culinary skills, while amateur chefs can prove their willingness to try new things by cooking a meal together. Traditional cooking classes can carry hefty fees, so look up a tutorial on YouTube instead. Compare ingredients with what you have in your pantry to cut costs.

  2. Take a Walk in the Park
    Not only is it the most affordable option on this list, but it is also a great way to get to know someone. Depending on where you are, February can bring ideal weather for a leisurely stroll. A slight chill in the air is a perfect excuse to keep your Valentine close. There is a lot of choice here in Manila for my personal choice I’ll take her in Intramuros (it’s also near Rizal Park and Manila Ocean Park), or Makati because it’s near to malls and there a lot of Park to choose from.
  3. Hit the Bar
    Rather than stopping at your usual watering hole, try something new, maybe a jazz club, a cocktail lounge or even a dive bar (where you know the drinks will be cheap and the people watching will help stimulate conversation). Do some research and see if any are hosting special events like comedy cartel.
  4. Go on a Cafe Date
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    Seek out a café with ambiance and enough space for you and your date to sit down and have a conversation. Don’t order your usual cup of drink. Compared to cocktails, the prices of coffee concoctions are relatively cheap, so don’t be afraid to try something new. There are a lot of good coffee shops across Malate and Makati.

  5. Picnic
    What better way is there to enjoy the cool weather than sharing a sweet treat with your sweetheart your surrounded by Nature? Aside from the Rizal Park you can also explore La Mesa Eco park, it is famous especially if you are from the North park of Manila.

    la mesa eco-park
  6. Take Bike or Road Trip
    Cruise through your favorite neighborhoods or try to discover a secret, scenic spot that is near your place. While, If it’s too cold to ride, take advantage of low gas prices and go for a drive instead. You can also take a road trip at Overlooking, Seaside Boulevard and just chill around.

    overlooking antipolo
    overlooking antipolo
  7. Tour Open Houses
    You might not be able to afford a new house, but that shouldn’t stop you from appreciating what’s on the market. You and your Valentine date can daydream about how you would build the perfect house (or have fun critiquing the homeowners’ tastes). There are a show rooms here in the metro and a lot more actual unit in Cavite, Laguna and Bulacan.
  8. Visit a Museum
    Soak in some culture with a trip to the museum. Look for institutions that offer price specials or, better yet, free admission. Actually, there is a lot of museum across the metro, can talk a review of this good article for the list.
  9. Karaoke Bonding
    With the Pinoy’s love of singing, karaoke is an affordable form of entertainment that allows you to be part of the show! Granted, not everyone is comfortable singing in front of a room full of strangers, but listening to “Frozen” fans slur the words to “Let It Go” is plenty of fun on its own. Just beware of karaoke clubs with drink minimums, there are a lot of these establishments across the metro (Malls regularly stationed at the arcade section, Karaoke bars Jupiter St. in Makati and Tomas Morato).
  10. Throw a Game Night
    Pull yourselves away from your smartphone screens and break out a board game. If you never invested in Monopoly, there are plenty of fun, free options such as 20 Questions, “Would You Rather?” and, of course, Truth or Dare, Chess, Game of the Generals, others . For myself and we both play Magic: the Gathering cards or an in-house beer pong.

    beer pong
    in-house beer pong
  11. Check out a local band
    There are tons of talented bands out there who haven’t (yet) hit the radio. Regularly, you don’t need tickets to see these shows, but venues often charge a modest cover fee when popular groups are headlining. Underground bands are seen within Tomas Morato-Timog Area of Quezon City and also around Malate-Ermita Area of Manila.
  12. Paint each other’s portraits
    This creative activity is fun for both the artistically inclined and enthusiastic amateurs. All you need are a few colors of paint and some sheets of paper. Save more when you release your inner-child and use your fingers instead of brushes. A perfect spot for these would either a private room or in an open field like a park or in a beach.
  13. Watch a Movie via Online Streaming
    valentine's dateWatching a movie is a tried and true date idea and, thanks to Netflix, finding something to watch is more convenient and affordable than ever. You can take the more traditional route and choose a romantic classic. Or, if you’re feeling brave, put on your favorite guilty pleasures that you’ve been too embarrassed to reveal.
  14. Join as a Volunteer
    Show your Valentine just how big your heart is by lending a helping hand to a worthy cause. You can find plenty of volunteer opportunities online that allow you to share your interests, including environmental work, to education and literacy initiatives, and animal shelters. You can find worse ways to spend an afternoon than playing with misfortune puppies and kittens.

If you have any other practical ideas on how to celebrate a special day with your love ones, you can comment it and let starts the conversation.


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