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How Athletes Transform to Fashion Icons

image credit - Richard Foster of Flickr
image credit – Richard Foster of Flickr

The fashion icon has become more than the stereotypically-thin model so apparent in the high-fashion industry.

Over the past decade or so, sports icons have become objects of praise as well calling judgement getting them from brochure to billboards, advertising in the healthy food and sports equipment. But nowadays, sports icons also had fashion exposure.

azkals as models of clothing line
image credit:

Not only are these athletes expected to perform on the field or court, it is now assumed that they should always look good and sophisticated in the off time to the point where they are being infused in today’s culture.

A notable example is what Bench did in adding the Philippine Volcanoes and Philippine Azkals who has billboards all across the long stretch of EDSA.

9 Tips on how to look good while playing sports

Every girl has played sport at one time or another. Whether it’s PE or your favorite sport, all of them has same problem: how to look good? People say that you can’t wear make-up for sport. Why not? It’s more or less a free world. Just remember that don’t overdo on preparation – If preparation time > actual practice time, I think you should think twice about the time you will spend in preparing. Here are some of the basic things to look good while on sports activity.

  • Always wear something comfortable. Wear your track pants and dri-Fit sports top and being comfortable is also a way to look good;
  • Wear appropriate rubber shoes and always tie your shoelaces;
  • Apply sunscreen if you are playing outdoor sports – this will help you skin to be protected under the sun;
  • If your training activity before sunrise it is alright to apply a little bit moisturizer, concealer under your eyes, mascara, lip balm, and eyeliner (PS. don’t overdo);
  • Wear Sports Watch/ Track Bands to track your performance – aside from being sophisticated you can also track your body;
  • Tie your hair back in a regular ponytail, leaving your bangs hang loose, next get a clamp and cover the bobble, this causes your ponytail to stay off your neck and looks like it has volume;
  • Plaits are a simple but effective way to manage your hair;
  • Choose the perfect sports bag, whether it’s a drawstring, duffle or backpack – select a bag that can carry your extra clothes, towel, shoes and other personal things; and
  • And always bring some water if you don’t want to use the nasty school fountain or use a friend’s water bottle.

To have more ideas to be sporty in-style you can check out this video by a popular sports apparel:


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