CES 2015: What’s new in wearable technology PART 1


Nowadays, mobile technology evolved – from Physical keypad phones to touchscreen smartphones, the rapid growth in mobile applications, the rise of demand for mobile battery support like power banks and as for this year we also want to share about increase of wearable technology.

Recently CES 2015 (Consumer Electronics Show) featured wearable gadgets that will directly compete with Apple’s Watch and Google Glass.

For a run-down of the top fitness trackers – we start from Bioimpedance, a brain reading wearable, mood sensors with modern designs are set to change everything.


The device has a capacity to track the calories in the food as we ate. The idea is when we eat, carbohydrates are turned into glucose in our blood. Our cells absorb the glucose and use it for energy, displacing liquid in the process. The bioimpedance sensor measures the change in glucose and liquid in our cells.

In addition to counting our calorie intake, the wristband is also designed to keep track of calories burned, distance traveled, stress level, blood pressure, heart rate and hydration levels. The device connects to an accompanying smartphone app that shows the data.

Healbe GoBe

While Healbe GoBe wristband, with the same specs claims that it can count calories in real time.

New in Fitness Trackers

Not everyone showed their fitness tracker cards at CES. Some, like Fitbit Charge and Jawbone UP MOVE, had done so at the end of 2014.

Fitbit Charge

Fitbit Charge is a smart, one-toned sports watch. It is made of flexible elastomer material with a surgical grade and stainless steel buckle. The OLED display shows the all-day activity status, time, and caller ID. The device comes in four colors and is available in three sizes.

Jawbone UP MOVE

Jawbone’s UP MOVE is made of nylon-like material. It is a round shaped device with an LED display that indicates time and the progress of a user’s goals. The device comes with a clip and a strap, both of which are made of medical grade TPU rubber. It is available in five colors with matching clips and wristbands.

Misfit FlashMisfit Flash is a plastic device similar to that of UP MOVE, without any display or buttons. It is made of TPU/Polycarbonate and has an LED display. The display is touch-sensitive and activates upon a double tap. Available in seven colors, Flash comes with a wristband and a clothing clip.

Both UP MOVE and Flash can be worn on the wrist with the band and can be clipped onto clothes. Users can also simply carry them in their pockets.

The display and design of a wristband is a totally subjective preference. On the next post we will talk about its tracking and capabilities and other exciting gadgets showed CES 2015.


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