6 New Year’s Resolutions every Pinoy should actually do for 2015

new year philippinesWelcome 2015! It’s out with the old and in with the new. But is it really? Here are some things that Pinoys should think about and resolve to change this new year.

  1. Stop posting every minute detail of your life on social media. social mediaScraped your elbow? Having gulaman with your order of fishballs? Posting the 100th picture of last night’s family dinner? Please learn to edit yourself. Yes social media is for sharing what happens to you to your friends and family but learn to draw the line between sharing and oversharing.
  2. Excessive online celebrity bashing has to be stopped. Celebrity bashing does not make you a better person. Celebrities are easy targets for bashing given their public status and everybody’s entitled to their own opinions about them. However, we should remember that celebrities are people too and Pinoys should remember that they deserve respect, just like everyone else.
  3. Leaving bodily fluids in public.
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    Unfortunately, Pinoys are known, or rather, are infamous for spitting and urinating on the street and other public places. The world is not your CR. Our environment is a reflection of what we think of ourselves as a people and spitting and urinating just about anywhere, is not only grossly unhealthy, but also shows that we do not respect our nation and each other.

  4. Gross littering. How many times have you seen someone unwrap candy and just seemingly innocently drop the wrapper to the floor? Trash cans have been placed in smoking areas but it is befuddling how smokers just tend to ignore putting cigarette butts inside them after smoking. It’s no wonder why the metro is always flooded even when there’s just a bit of rain because trash is not properly thrown in bins. Trash cans are placed there for a reason and if there’s not one around, just keep trash in your pocket or bag and throw it in the next bin you see.
  5. Lighting up trash or “pagsisiga” when you’re living in the metro. Work in the garbage dump, NicaraguaLighting up trash is one practice that hasn’t been totally lost especially in older people. Before, people would have gardens with large, fruit-bearing trees that would be aided to bear fruit by smoking dried leaves and other trash directly underneath them. Plants use smoke, people do not; and there’s abundant smoke in the metro already without people lighting up their trash on the streets. Pinoys have to learn to separate trash into recyclable and biodegradable categories and direct these to the proper channels. Not only is this practice harmful to the environment, it also a major hassle to passersby who get a heavy, smoky scent about them when passing by.
  6. Being closed off to other people’s opinions. Pinoys feel very strongly about their own opinions and tend to shut off other people’s voices regarding the matter at hand. Whether it’s about Pacquiao, the latest government issue, relationships, or who even the best basketball team is, Pinoys are very hardheaded about what they think.

In fact, some, when in a drunken state, get violent when opposing points of view are expressed. Pinoys have to remember that their personal opinion is just that, personal.

It does not apply to many, especially, not to all.


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