8 Fashion Tips on How to Look Slimmer for Plus Sized Women


All these tips are just here to complement your figure. Love and accept your body. This includes eating healthy, exercising and having a healthy lifestyle. I’m not telling you to lose weight. But if you do, do it for your health. There are way too many factors including genetics and metabolism as to why your size would never be an Extra Small. And no one should judge you for that. Accept that and you will happier and be a more positive person. Remember that the only person you need to please is yourself.

There is no perfect body, only perfect outlooks.

Have Confidence

Whatever body type you have, confidence is still your best accessory. Having those extra inches around your thighs should not strip you of your right to wear the skinny jeans you saw at the mall. Know that you’re sexy no matter what your size is.

Invest in Undergarments
Work from the inside out and focus on what you put on under your clothes. This provides you with a clean canvas to work with because your outside clothes can only go so far.


Invest in quality shapewear. And I mean, get the really good ones. It’ll give you better results plus it’ll last longer. Shapewear technology has evolved from the uncomfortable girdles and corsets to the breathable Spanx we now know. When you wear this, you will instantly shed off pounds with all the bulges distributed. It’ll hold everything in and give you a streamlined shape.

I know you’re thinking of just shapewear but his includes wearing a bra that fits well and has a good lift. This will help your posture and will give you enough space between your chest and waist which ultimately will lessen the appearance of sagging breasts.

Know Your Body Type 
plus-sized-1The most important fashion tip is choosing your clothing wisely and according to your body type. Plus sized women come in all shapes and sizes too. Knowing your body type will give you an idea how to play your proportions. If you have a long torso, you can wear empire dresses or high-waist skirts and pants to elongate your legs. If you have long legs, wearing low-waist pants will balance your figure. Strategically placing clothes and accessories will make any bulging body part less obvious. Balancing your proportion will make you look leaner and taller.

“Contour” Your Body with Dark Colors and Highlight Assets with Bright Colors
This works the same way you contour your face. For example, if you’re not ecstatic with your thighs, “contour” it by wearing dark wash jeans with the highlight specifically located on the middle of your thighs. This way, you hide the problem area and divert the attention to the highlight to achieve slimmer thighs.
Don’t forget to play with your assets. If you’ve got it, why not flaunt it? Wear Prints to draw attention to where you want it. Be bold. Wear the floral shirt you’ve always dreamed of. No one’s stopping you but yourself.

Wear Color
plus-sized-clothesContrary to popular belief, you don’t always have to resort to black to hide your bulges. Wearing colors that would complement your skin color, your eyes and hair color will make you look and feel good about yourself. The more you hide under your dark and sad clothes, the more you’ll look bigger. Show off your great personality. Choose colors that won’t wash you out.

Wear Vertical Stripes
Strategically work with colors, prints, and details to make the eye go up and down. Your goal here is to turn the focus vertically. Wearing long necklaces and stripes can add to the vertical illusion.

Body Hugging
Your first instinct would be to get that big old baggy shirt you have. And that’s not going to give you any justice. Just because you think you’re big, doesn’t mean you’re not sexy. Keep in mind that wearing loose clothes will add more volume to your figure.

Add Height
When you wear heels, your posture changes and your legs tighten. This will ultimately add to the vertical illusion. If you’re not used to wearing them, go for kitten heels or wedges. They may be just 1 to 2 inches but it goes a long way already.


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