Snack Right


Eating heavy meals throughout the day is one thing; eating snacks every day is another. It is definitely a challenge to survive an entire day by eating only heavy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is even more difficult a challenge to survive the hours between lunch and dinner without taking a break to eat snacks. Eating snacks is as important as eating the 3 main meals.

However, a lot of people may not be too mindful of the way they eat snacks. More often than not, you buy and eat what you want during breaks. This is not entirely bad, but it is always better to be more aware of how we eat our snacks.

Check out the 5 points listed below to get ideas that might improve the way you eat your snacks.

  1. Eat snacks midway between meals
    For better digestion, it is advised to eat snacks during the midpoint of your meals. For example, if you ate breakfast at 7 in the morning and plans to get lunch at 12 noon, the ideal morning snack time might be between 10 AM and 10:30 AM. This way, you’ve probably digested your breakfast already and having something to snack on will be enough to get you by until lunchtime.
  2. Not a meal
    Remember also that snacks are not meals. Snacks are not supposed to be heavy. During snack time, eat something light that can get you fuelled until your next meal. Eating too much in between meals might affect your productivity, in the office, in schools, or wherever. When done regularly, having meals as snacks can lead to weight gain and irregular mealtime.
  3. Pay attention
    You should also be more aware of the nutrients you’re getting when eating snacks. It pays to know how much carbohydrates, protein, caffeine, calories, and fats you are getting, especially if you are health-conscious.
    Note also how much of which food do you eat during breaks. Do you prefer chocolate bars and sweets? Do you eat fruits as snacks? How much food should you get? How about the beverage? These are some questions that you might want to ask yourself before buying your merienda for the day.
  4. Prepare your own
    snack-rightTo fully control what you eat, it might be better to just prepare or cook your own food (not limited to snacks). By doing this, you are sure of how much food you are eating and how good its ingredients are whenever you take your break. You can also blend your own fruit drink or smoothie or brew your own coffee to pair it with your homemade sandwich, salad, or granola bar.
  5. Develop a habit
    Lastly, develop a habit of snacking right. You can start by consciously scheduling your meals for the entire day and writing down snacks in between. You can also try making a list of the food you want to eat and start buying them at supermarkets. Once you’re prepared, be sure to follow your eating plan strictly and regularly.


By being more conscious of snacking, you become more and more accustomed to the idea and to the practice. Little by little, you will incorporate the practice into your lifestyle, creating a new habit of eating the right snacks at the right time. Hopefully, this habit will lead to a better and healthier you.


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