Solo Flight: Travelling Tips for the Solo Adventurer


Who says you can’t go out on an adventure alone? With tons of flash travel sales, discounted fares, and It’s More Fun in the Philippines hashtag all over your feed, we know, exploring the road outside the city is indeed a must. Imagine basking under the sun on your bikini, with a refreshing shake on your hand, and the latest sunnies on your face, completely forgetting the deadline and all the hustles and bustles that work and school bring you—aaaah, now that is life.

Want to make that next trip the most memorable one? It’s not about the destination, nor about the money that you’ll burn for all the activities on your trip—surprise surprise, the memorable trip is all about you! Yes, you! So what are you waiting for? File that Vacation Leave, buy that travel deal, pack your bags, and go! Here’s how to make the most out of your solitary sojourn:

1. Research, Read, and Roll – First of all, do not ever go on a trip without informing your family, your BFF, or your partner where you’ll be going. You need to inform them that you’ll be out there for a week, a month, or else, don’t be surprised to see police searching for you days after you’re gone.

After advising your loved ones with your whereabouts, of course, don’t forget to do your homework and research on the place where you’ll go. If you want luxury and comfort, go check-in that hotel, yep, you deserve it. Or if you want that ultimate backpacking adventure, go for transient homes, or better yet, couch-surf! Aside from places to stay, also read on the best food spots, best activities, best of everything on the place where you’ll be. The World Wide Web is full of options, whether you want to splurge or save, you have everything you’ll ever need online.


2. Stay Connected – Travelling alone doesn’t mean you should detach yourself from the outside world. Once in a while, go online! Update your loved ones, share your newest finds, upload your exciting adventures! Remember, it is important to regularly update your family and friends about your whereabouts and ongoing itinerary.

3. Pack Light, Pack Smart – Your carry-on bag should be your second home. Pack all your essentials in your carry-on case just in case your luggage gets lost. Keep your clothes, shoes, medications, identification stuff, important documents, gadgets, and of course, cash and credit card on your everyday bag. Better yet, tote a big backpack with you so you’ll have no trouble going from one place to another! Always bring extra cash on your pockets, too!

Bought a travel wallet :(

4. Safety First – Number one rule: Don’t act like a tourist! Stop flashing your money, expensive gadgets, and pricey jewelry for everyone to see. Also, avoid sneaky areas and don’t trust strangers. Stick to main roads and well-lit areas when possible. Walk with confidence even if you are already so paranoid. Chin up, straighten your shoulders, look others eye to eye, and go, explore!

5. Make Friends – Get to know local people such as hotel staff, security guards, drivers, shop owners, servers, and more. These people know that ins and outs, the hots and nots, and all the other stuff in between the place that you’re visiting. Yes, they have the inside scoop on things that you are planning to do—plus they make a great companion when you never really feel to dine solo!


Of course, since you’re in a new place, you must meet new faces! Befriend fellow co-travellers and locals—this is the best opportunity to get to know their culture, share a hobby, and attend one functions and events. C’mon! Mingle!

6. Nature, Adventure! – Travelling alone is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone. Try extreme sports such as cliff diving, bungee diving; or do something that you won’t normally do at home such as sing on a stage, dance with a stranger and so much more! Yes, time for you to discover what you’re capable to do when no one is watching.

Not comfortable doing things on your own? If you’re not sure about vacationing solo, then you might first try being part of a group tour or cruise to see if you like it. You’ll be surprised how life-changing being alone in a totally new world is. Once you’ve vacationed successfully, you’re sure to feel a sense pride you would never have had experienced had you not done it! Go for it!


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